258 Baby Girl Names That Mean Victor

Debi One who writes victory songs Girl
Debroah Bee; a victory song Girl
Edilda One who has fought the war; found victory Girl
Elota One who wears the crown of victory Girl
Emaan Victorious; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; Faith in religion Unisex
Eunice good victory. Girl
Eunicia a word in Greek which means good victory. Girl
Eunike Greek form of Eunice. It means good victory. Girl
Eunisia a Latin word meaning good victory. Girl
Evnika Kazakh form of Euneike, meaning good victory Girl
Evniki A victory of good Girl
Fairoz A victor Unisex
Faiza Arabic - Victorious; Winner; A variant spelling is Faiz Girl
Faizah A victorious girl Girl
Fatehjit One who is victorious in whatever he does. Girl
Fatema A victorious woman Girl
Fathia To achieve victory Girl
Fathiyya A great victor Girl
Fatiha One who is victorious Girl
Fauzia She who is successful and victorious Girl
Fawza An accomplished and victorious woman Girl
Fayza A victorious female Girl
Fazia She is successfull and a victor Girl
Feeiza One who is victorous, one who won Girl
Fouzia Someone who is victorious and fortunate Girl
Foziah One who is victorious and successful. Girl
Gunjeet Victory of Virtue Unisex
Gurjeet One Winning the Guru's Heart; One who pleases Guru's; One who is victorious in winning love of Guru Girl
Gurjinder Gurjinder is the name of punjabi Sikh girl. Gurjinder means a victory or achievement. Girl
Hella Successful, victorious Girl
Hellain Victorious, champion Girl
Jaimala Garland of victory Girl
Jaimin Strifes to Triumph; Victory; One who succeeds Girl
Jaimini One who was a born victor Girl
Jaishree The honor found in the victory Girl
Jaisnavi Goddess of victory Girl
Jaisudha Nectar of Victory; Nectar of Triumph Girl
Jasbeer A victorious hero Unisex
Jaya One who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success; Girl
Jaya lakshmi Goddess of victory Girl
Jayana Armor, or causing victory Girl
Jayanthi One who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success; One of many names of Goddess Parvathi Girl
Jayanti One who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success; One of many names of Goddess Parvathi Girl
Jayaprabha Light of victory Girl
Jayaprada One who gives victory Girl
Jayashree The Goddess Of Victory; One of many names of Goddess Vijayalakshmi Girl
Jayashri The goddess of victory, an evening raagini in indian classical music Girl
Jayasree Goddess of victory Girl
Jayasudha Nectar of victory Girl
Jayathi Experiencing victory, rejoicing for victory Girl
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