41 Baby Girl Names That Mean Victor And Starts With Letter S

SaijayaniPersonification of victoryGirl
SanjeetaExpressing of jubilation after having won a victoryGirl
SedehannaGod has favoured with a victory dayGirl
SedemaiThe slave of the victory dayGirl
SedemaidenAn unmarried young woman from the day of victoryGirl
SegridA beautiful victoryGirl
ShatoraA woman who is a victor. A modern nameGirl
ShiniquaA woman who is a victorGirl
ShynahShe is a victorGirl
SiaOne who is victorious, one who wonGirl
SibbeA surname that means a famous victoryUnisex
SibriOne who was bold in a victoryGirl
SibryTo be bold in a victoryGirl
SieglindA soft and gentle victoryGirl
SieglindeGentle victoryGirl
SigfreidaShe is a protector of her victoriesGirl
SigfridA beautiful, fair victoryGirl
SigfriedaHer victories brough peace and protectionGirl
SigfrydaShe who achieved victory with peaceGirl
SigismundaShe who gives protection with victoriesGirl
SiglindaA victory of protectionGirl
SiglindeShe is a protective victoryGirl
SigmondaShe is a protective hand of victoryGirl
SigmundaShe is a victorious woman who brings protectionGirl
SigneTo bring victoryGirl
SignyOne who brings new victoriesGirl
SigourneyVictorious conquerorGirl
SigridA beautiful wisdom the victory bringsGirl
SigríðurIceland form of Sigrid, meaning victory, wisdom or beautiful.Girl
SigrunTo achieve secret victoriesGirl
SigrunnThe secret victoriesGirl
SigurbjornA victorious soldier.Girl
SigurdísVictorious woman, or the goddess of victoryGirl
SigurrósShe who is a rose of victoryGirl
SiiriA deminutive of Sigrid, meaning a fair, beutiful woman who is victoriousGirl
SireA victorious womanGirl
SiredaA wise advice that brought victoryGirl
StallionjitAn victorious wild horseGirl
StratonikeVictorious army.Girl
SubajaA fortunate victorGirl
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