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41 Baby Girl Names That Mean Victor And Starts With Letter S

Saijayani Personification of victory Girl
Sanjeeta Expressing of jubilation after having won a victory Girl
Sedehanna God has favoured with a victory day Girl
Sedemai The slave of the victory day Girl
Sedemaiden An unmarried young woman from the day of victory Girl
Segrid A beautiful victory Girl
Shatora A woman who is a victor. A modern name Girl
Shiniqua A woman who is a victor Girl
Shynah She is a victor Girl
Sia One who is victorious, one who won Girl
Sibbe A surname that means a famous victory Unisex
Sibri One who was bold in a victory Girl
Sibry To be bold in a victory Girl
Sieglind A soft and gentle victory Girl
Sieglinde Gentle victory Girl
Sigfreida She is a protector of her victories Girl
Sigfrid A beautiful, fair victory Girl
Sigfrieda Her victories brough peace and protection Girl
Sigfryda She who achieved victory with peace Girl
Sigismunda She who gives protection with victories Girl
Siglinda A victory of protection Girl
Siglinde She is a protective victory Girl
Sigmonda She is a protective hand of victory Girl
Sigmunda She is a victorious woman who brings protection Girl
Signe To bring victory Girl
Signy One who brings new victories Girl
Sigourney Victorious conqueror Girl
Sigrid A beautiful wisdom the victory brings Girl
Sigríður Iceland form of Sigrid, meaning victory, wisdom or beautiful. Girl
Sigrun To achieve secret victories Girl
Sigrunn The secret victories Girl
Sigurbjorn A victorious soldier. Girl
Sigurdís Victorious woman, or the goddess of victory Girl
Sigurrós She who is a rose of victory Girl
Siiri A deminutive of Sigrid, meaning a fair, beutiful woman who is victorious Girl
Sire A victorious woman Girl
Sireda A wise advice that brought victory Girl
Stallionjit An victorious wild horse Girl
Stratonike Victorious army. Girl
Subaja A fortunate victor Girl
Sujaya Victory Girl
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