521 Baby Names That Mean Victory

Every parent wants their child to be victorious in whatever they do. They get an extreme satisfaction seeing their offspring take the world by storm and enjoy the fruits of success. Apart from that, parents even expect their children to take care of them when they’re old. Whatever maybe the reason, parents want their child to get started on the road to victory right from the beginning. So why not give them a name meaning the same?

Life, for everyone, is all about winning. Whether you enter a school competition or face hardships in life, the one thing everyone aims for is winning. And there’s nothing wrong in it, after all, victory gives us confidence, which goes on to set the foundation in life. It even shows people that if you’ve set your mind on something, you can definitely achieve it, only if you’re willing to work hard.

Hence, it’s essential to teach children the importance of victory from an early age and a baby name meaning the same can definitely help you with it. Below is MomJunction's extensive list of baby names meaning victory from a wide range of cultures. We’re sure something from our list will definitely appeal to you.

Aadijay (आदिजय)The First Victory ; Success;Boy
AbdulnasserServant of the one who is granting victoryBoy
AbhaijeetVictory over Fear; Brave; FearlessBoy
AbhejayThe one who brings victory.Boy
AbhibhuTo Overcome; Conquer; To gain a victory; masterBoy
AbhijayaConquest; Complete Victory; triumph; successfulBoy
AbulfathThe father of the victoryBoy
AbunasrFather of the victoryBoy
AcharjeetThe victory of an inanimate objectBoy
AdalwinThe victory of a noble personBoy
AdarfirozFire of victory in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
AelfsigeThe victory of mystical powersGirl
AethelsigeThe win or victory of noble snakeBoy
AethelwinThe victory of the noble snakeBoy
AgamjitThe meaning of Agamjit is the victory of God or rather the trophy of God, the golden child; the most precious one chosen by God.Boy
AjaideepVictory to the lightBoy
AkaljeetTimeless and Eternal victory. Also means Triumph of GodGirl
AlamjeetVictory of the universe.Boy
AlvildaOld Norse - Elf; Supernatural Being; Elf Battle; Victory; A variant transcription of AlfhildGirl
AmaljeetName signifying pure victory over the negativesUnisex
AndronikosAndronikos is a form of Andronicus. It means victory of a man.Boy
AndroulaFrom Andronicus, which means VictoryGirl
AnokhjotThe one who has wondrous victoryBoy
AnujayGraceful VictoryBoy
AsjitaA person who is bearing victoryBoy
AtamjeetVictory of the selfBoy
AtamjitVictory of Spirituality Knowledge ; Victory of Soul or SelfBoy
AtinderjeetGod's victory or th triumphGirl
AttamjitVictory of Spirituality Knowledge ; Victory of Soul or SelfBoy
AvajayVictory; one who always winsBoy
AvitoriThey are beautiful; victoryGirl
AvtarjeetVictory of GodBoy
AzfaarVictory and triumphBoy
BahadurjeetVictory of the Brave and CourageousBoy
BahadurjitVictory of the Brave and CourageousBoy
BalbinderjitVictory of Power, Strength, Courage, Bravery and MightBoy
BalinderjitOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his young age victory over Lord IndraGirl
BalwinderjitVictory of Strength, Power, Might and CourageBoy
BanjeetVictory Of The Forest; One who conquers and succeedsBoy
BeorhtsigeThe victory of light over the darknessBoy
BerenikeOne who brings victory.Girl
BerneiceShe who Brings VictoryGirl
BerniGermanic - Brave as a bear; One who Brings Victory; A variant transcription of name BernadetteGirl
BerniceBringer Of VictoryGirl
BernieceA woman who brings victoryGirl
BernissThe one who brings victory.Girl
BernitaBernita (Bear, or brave) has been said to be a blend of Bernice and Juanita; means "harbinger (messenger) of victory"Girl
BhagatjeetDevotee's Victory; Worshipper's successBoy
BhagwantjeetVictory of God; Success in name of GodBoy
BhajanjeetVictory of Devotion; One who succeeds with devotionBoy
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