71 Baby Names That Mean Wave

Are you one of those parents who always dreams about digging your toes in the sand of a beautiful beach with crystal clear water? Just the thought of sipping a tropical drink with your partner on an island fills you with warm and fuzzy feeling. Sounds familiar? Well, then a baby name, meaning wave would make an amazing option for your baby girl or boy.

Waves of the sea or ocean represent both calmness and volatility of the waters that lie beneath it. It’s said that there’s nothing more comforting than letting the sound of the waves put you to bed. It seems like a lullaby from a caring mother, which you’ll never forget. On the other hand, this unstoppable force of nature indicates strength and inevitability. The high and crashing waves symbolize the overwhelming emotions that can drown a person. In a way, you can say that waves depict the human nature and that’s precisely what makes this connotation so special.

Below are some of MomJunction’s favorite baby boy and girl names, meaning wave. So go ahead, grab a fruit cocktail, and shortlist your favorite names from our baby name tool.

NoaUndertaking or wave program or indication.Unisex
OgaanWaves; United; Combined; Joined; Together; A variant is OganaBoy
OganWaves; United; Combined; Joined; Together; A variant is OganaBoy
OjanWaves; United; Combined; Joined; Together; A variant is OganaBoy
OndinaVery tiny waves in the large ocean.Girl
OndineResembling the small waves in the big sea.Girl
OormiThe waves of waterGirl
OormilaThe waves of passion, passionate girlGirl
SteinunnStone or wave.Girl
TanimThe wave of the seaBoy
TarangaOf the wavesBoy
TarangiBengali name meaning waveGirl
TrieuA tide or a small waveUnisex
UnndisLoving woman, or woman of the waveGirl
UnnrA variant of Unnur, meaning wave.Girl
UrmiWave of the sea.Girl
UrmilaWaves of passion. It's also the name of Lakshman's wife.Girl
ZenevievaWhite waveGirl
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