254 Baby Boy Names That Mean Wealth

IghomuedafeMoney intoxicates the wealthyBoy
IranolaA wealthy family.Boy
IrikefeFirst to become wealthyBoy
JakshLord of Kuber; Lord of richness; Lord of WealthBoy
JambhalaGod of Wealth; God of Prosperity; God of richnessBoy
Jonahit means Dove. People with this name get fame and wealth. They are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude.Boy
Julijathey are known because of being social and get fame. They become wealthy with the passage of time. They are admirable persons.Unisex
KaladWealthy; Rich; Prosperous; One who has everything in abundantBoy
KhushhalProsperous; Wealthy; Happy; Cheerful; Joyful; DelightedBoy
KodyKody means He who is WealthyBoy
KoloaWealth, a wealthy man.Boy
KuberKuber means God of WealthBoy
KuberaThe name means God's WealthBoy
KuberchandGod of Wealth; God of Prosperity; God of Richness; God of SampanthBoy
KubernathGod of Wealth; God of Prosperity; God of Richness; God of SampanthBoy
LakshmiGoddess of Wealth; Goddess of Prosperity; Good Fortune;Boy
LakshmibantaFortunate; Properous; Rich; Wealthy; One who is blessed with richnessBoy
LekanA wealth that has increased, grownBoy
LucretiusThe one who is wealthyBoy
MaavalanProsperous; Rich; Wealthy; Well to do; HappyBoy
ManilalRich; Maladar; Wealthy; Prosperous; Well to doBoy
ManurajKuber; Lord of Wealth; Lord of Richness; Lord of ProsperityBoy
MobolajiA boy who is born of wealth.Boy
ModadeolaA man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence.Boy
MonjolaoluwaEnjoying the wealth of God.Unisex
NaamnidhanWealth and prosperity of the name.Boy
NamirthanA wealth of popularity, Lord ShivaBoy
NavendhanThe new or fresh wealthBoy
NawabA wealthy or prosperous personBoy
NignaThe master of all wealth.Boy
NiyilolawaThe wealth is here.Unisex
ObasolapeYoruba term meaning God has made his wealth complete.Boy
OdalizA rich person, wealthy and prosperousBoy
OdalyzA prosperous, wealthy and rich personBoy
OdardA wealthy guardian, a guardian who is richBoy
OdbartOne who is wealthy and rich.Boy
OlabamijiWealth wakes with me.Boy
OlabodeWealth has come home.Boy
OladayoWealth has become joy.Boy
OlandaThe one who is accumulated wealth in the form of money or jewels.Boy
OlayemiOne who is worthy of wealth.Unisex
OlayinkaWealth surrounds meUnisex
OtakarHe who is watchful of wealth.Boy
OthmannA wealthy person or fortunate human beingBoy
OthmarOne who has elements of wealth and fameBoy
OthomannOne who is born healthy and wealthyBoy
OthonA fortunate as well as wealthy personalityBoy
OtikA rich and wealthy individualBoy
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