37 Baby Girl Names That Mean Wealth And Starts With Letter E

EadaIt means Wealthy.Girl
EadburgaEad means 'Wealth' and burg means 'Protection'.Girl
EaddaIt means Wealthy.Girl
EadlynA healthy and wealthy friendGirl
EaduIt means Wealth or Richness.Girl
EdaA wealthy guardian angel who is well mannered; to strive for wealthGirl
EddyeAn independent; protector and saviour; wealthy friendUnisex
EdeeStrive for wealth; to get good profit after a deal or winning a warGirl
EdieBringing wealth and success from the warGirl
EditheOne who is striving for wealthGirl
EdivaWork hard for wealth and healthGirl
EdmoniaA wealthy person who is like a queenGirl
EdoniaOf high standards; Wealthy rulerGirl
EdwardeenWealthy protector and filled with conciousnessGirl
EdwardeneRich defender; one who is like a wealthy guardGirl
EdwardineWealthy defender; they are guarding the propertyGirl
EdwardyneOne who is wealthy defenderGirl
EdwenaWealthy friend; one who has a rich heartGirl
EdwinaA successful friend; a rich and wealthy friendGirl
EdwynaA valuable and wealthy friendGirl
EdyWho can strife for wealthGirl
EdythaA neat and wealthy presentGirl
EfemenaHere is my wealthUnisex
EfetoboWealth is achievedUnisex
EiditaWealthy; joyous and responsible personGirl
EimenA protector; wealthy one with confidenceGirl
EkadhanaOne who is the portion of wealthGirl
ElditA wealthy and sweet natured personGirl
Eniolaa wealthy person.Unisex
EromidolaMy thought has become wealth.Girl
Estefania feminized word meaning wealth or crown or honour.Girl
Estefaniaa Spanish feminized word which has the ultimate meaning of honour or wealth or glory.Girl
Estefanycrowned or glory or wealth.Girl
Eteniathe wealthy.Girl
Eulagood speaking or wealthy or gem of the sea or sacred redGirl
EydieTo strife for wealthGirl
EydraA woman of greath wealth and powerGirl
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