133 Baby Names Meaning Winner

When we’re expecting a child, we hope and want that they grow up not just to be loved, but also to have all the skills and talents that will help them achieve whatever they want and become the ultimate winner. So why don’t you set him on the winning path by giving him a name meaning winner?

Whenever you ask anyone how important winning is for him or her, he or she will answer that it is extremely important. And that’s how it should be. Life is all about winning. Whenever we enter a contest or competition, the first thing everyone hopes for is winning. After all, there’s no point competing when there’s no objective. Winning makes us self-confident, which is the foundation of living the life independently.

And winning or victory in no ways means compromising on values. A win obtained by cheating can get you momentary laurels, but you’ll not be satisfaction. The greatest joy comes not when the world is saying highly of you, but when you know that you have actually won. Remember, life is about winning, but not about defeating others.

From exotic to traditional to modern, MomJunction has got you loads of baby boy and girl names meaning winner. We’re sure you’ll find something worth considering.

AbatusThe winner of a battleBoy
AbhijayVictor; triumph; successful; WinnerBoy
AdenyaFirst; Winner; Highest qualityBoy
AeronwenThe winner or victor of a battleBoy
AeronwyThe battle winnerBoy
AescwynThe winner or victor from the ash treeBoy
AjayeshThere is no lose Always a winnerBoy
AjeetaUnconquerable, A winnerBoy
AjeithaA winnerGirl
AjitaInvincible, A winner, Unconquerable,Girl
AjithaA Winner always; Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable; One who cannot be defeated by anyoneBoy
AkshantThe Winner; SeaBoy
AluciaA fortunate combination name gifted with a magnetic personality they are a winner and engenderingGirl
ArshveerSky's winnerBoy
AvtarjotA brave and strong winnerBoy
BabanWinner; Victorious; SuccessfulBoy
BhevinWinner; Victorious; One who is successfulBoy
BishwajiOne who won the whole World; The World Winner Or The ConquerorBoy
BishwambaHe who is an ultimate winnerBoy
BiswajitOne who won the whole World; The World Winner Or The ConquerorBoy
ChampionA winner and a saviorBoy
ChanderjitWinner of the MoonBoy
ChanderjotWinner of the Moon; peaceful natureBoy
CollettaOne who is victorious, winner and achieverGirl
DheeranAchiever; Winner; VictoriousBoy
DigvijayaOne who is victorious; always a winnerBoy
Eckjeetthe only winner or victorious; who always succeedBoy
EyvindThe winner of the iselandsBoy
FaizaArabic - Victorious; Winner; A variant spelling is FaizGirl
FatehchandSuccess; Triumph; Victory; WinnerBoy
FawazA man who is a winnerBoy
FawzahShe is a winner and a successGirl
FayisHe is an ultimate winnerBoy
FerhatWinner; Smart; Male HeroBoy
FirojA winner, successful personBoy
FuttehkhanThe triumph or a ruler, or a winner kingBoy
GalipWinner or overcomer.Boy
GarmonOvercomer or winner.Boy
GeashnaRefers to an overcomer or winner or champion.Girl
GhaiyyasSupporter, redeemer or winner.Boy
GhalebThe one who holds the title winner.Boy
HarjitVictor, winnerBoy
HimanjayWinner of Snow LandBoy
HrdayesaRuler of the Heart; One who is close to Heart; Winner of the HeartBoy
HrithikeshWinner of every Heart; One who conquers with love and affectionBoy
JaighatVictorious; Winner; Triumphant; SuccessfulBoy
JaighosaShout of Victory; Echo of Triumph; Voice of the WinnerBoy
JainandJoy of Victory; Delight of Triumph; Happiness of the winnerBoy
JayaOne who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success;Girl
JayajAlways the Winner; One who is victorious alwaysBoy
JayanthiOne who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
JayantiOne who is Victorious; Winner; One who is blessed with success; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
JayatiGetting a victory, being a winnerGirl
JayswaranA victor with a gold heart or a winner of gold.Boy
JayveerVictorious Warrior; Triumphant and Mighty WinnerBoy
JaywantVictorious; Triumphant; WinnerBoy
JeetaThe one who wins the title winner.Boy
JeneilThe winner of all hard waves.Girl
JishWinner; Victory; Triumph; SuccessBoy
JisnuVictorious; Triumphant; Winner; Successful; ConquererBoy
JitThe name Jit is an Indian male name and means Winner or Arjuna. It is moslty represented in Hindu religion.Boy
JitaConquered; Victor; Triumphant; Winner; SuccessfulBoy
JitalJital means Winner. It is an Indian female name most commonly represented in Hindu religion.Girl
JiteshThe name Jitesh means God of Voctory ot Winner. It is an Indian male name, used in Hindu religion.Boy
JitheshJithesh is an Indian male name, a variation of the name Jitesh. The meaning of the name is Victory or Winner.Boy
JituJitu is an Indian male name and means Always a Winner. It is represented in the Hindu Religion.Boy
JnatriSuccessful Life; Victorious Life; Triumphant Life; A winner in lifeBoy
KarmjitThe meaning of the name is Winner Over ObstaclesBoy
KarnailWinner over Obstacles; One who overcomes all hindrances; Victorious over barriersBoy
KemperKemper means Champion, WinnerBoy
KinnaKinna means Winner, Great ChampionGirl
MaloHawaiian - A Victorious Man; Winner; A variant spelling is MalloBoy
MansooruddinA victorious one, a winnerGirl
MiloniAn achiever, a winnerGirl
MontasirThe one who conquer others, a winnerBoy
MykytaA boy who has the capability of winning in every field, a winnerBoy
NabajitA new winner or a new winBoy
NasserudeenThe winner of religionBoy
NassiruddeenWinner among the faithBoy
NassorA victor, a winnerBoy
NavijeetThe new invincible winnerBoy
NaylaA winner, one who go ahead to get everythingGirl
NealaSupporter, titleholder, winner, campaigner.Girl
NeelieWinner, victor, overcomer, beater.Girl
NeilleThe one who always wins the title winner.Boy
NelwynDaughter of the winner.Girl
NiallaSupporter, supporter, winner, campaigner.Girl
NichaelaA winner or a victorious oneGirl
NicholThe one who holds the winner title on behalf of his people.Boy
NicholsonSon of Nicholas, a winnerBoy
NickanThe winner of a warBoy
NiclausThe winner, triumphantBoy
NicolajA winner for the humanityBoy
NicolasaThe people who win the title winner.Girl
NicolausThe triumphant winnerGirl
NicoleneThe people who always win the winner title.Girl
NicoletaTitle winner of the nation.Girl
NicoloThe winner among allGirl
NigelVictor, winner, dark, gloomy, dusk.Boy
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