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When we’re expecting a child, we hope and want that they grow up not just to be loved, but also to have all the skills and talents that will help them achieve whatever they want and become the ultimate winner. So why don’t you set him on the winning path by giving him a name meaning winner?

Whenever you ask anyone how important winning is for him or her, he or she will answer that it is extremely important. And that’s how it should be. Life is all about winning. Whenever we enter a contest or competition, the first thing everyone hopes for is winning. After all, there’s no point competing when there’s no objective. Winning makes us self-confident, which is the foundation of living the life independently.

And winning or victory in no ways means compromising on values. A win obtained by cheating can get you momentary laurels, but you’ll not be satisfaction. The greatest joy comes not when the world is saying highly of you, but when you know that you have actually won. Remember, life is about winning, but not about defeating others.

From exotic to traditional to modern, MomJunction has got you loads of baby boy and girl names meaning winner. We’re sure you’ll find something worth considering.

NigelVictor, winner, dark, gloomy, dusk.Boy
NijelWinner, conqueror, hero, overcomer.Boy
NikiThe title winner of the nation.Girl
NikkosThe winner among humansGirl
NileVictor, winner, defeater, titleholder.Boy
NiliniThe winner or champion of the Kuru race.Girl
NilsaDefender or titleholder or champ or winnerGirl
NilsonThe born son of the winner or conqueror or victor.Boy
NiylaA winner of a gracious personalityGirl
OamraFascinating win or a fascinating winner.Girl
OjaswitaA person who is a noble winner or a noble victory.Girl
OnealVictor, winner, over comer.Boy
ParantapaConqueror; Winner; One who triumphsBoy
ParemjitOne who is the supreme winnerBoy
PeketiOne who is like an award winnerBoy
PrajeethA person who is a victror, a winnerBoy
PrasanOne who is a winner in life, a successful personBoy
PremajitThe winner of loveBoy
RabihaatWinners, acquirersGirl
RabihahWinner, achiever.Girl
RajithaBeauty, winnerGirl
RamjeetThe Winner Of God'S Love; One who has won the love of Lord RamBoy
RanveerA winnerBoy
SahayuOne who is victorius, a winnerBoy
SamarjeetThe winner of the war, or a battleBoy
SarbojitA winnerBoy
SwaranjeetOne who is a golden winnerBoy
TareckHe who is a winnerBoy
ToriannaThe conqueror or the victor, a winnerGirl
TrygveA person who overcomes as a winner by his braveness.Boy
UpangshuWinner, winner in all fields.Boy
ZafirahTriumphant, Successful; Victorious; WinnerGirl
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