153 Baby Boy Names That Mean Wish

KamiyabSuccess; One who wins or accomplishes his wishes and desires; VictoriousBoy
KamnaWish; Desire; Long; CraveBoy
KamodKamod means The one Who Grants Wishes, GenerousBoy
KamrajCupid; God of desires and wishes; Angel of Wishes; Cherub of desiresBoy
KamshadKamshad means Desire, A wish that is happyBoy
KamyakDesired; Wished for; Longing; CravingBoy
KandarpaCupid; God of desires and wishes; Angel of Wishes; Cherub of desiresBoy
KanksitaKanksita means WishedBoy
KhalilurFriend; Companion; Well Wisher; SupporterBoy
KiripKirip means WishfulBoy
KupayaPlease; Request; Something that was asked for; A demand; Wished ForBoy
MaitraFriend; Companion; Well Wisher; SupporterBoy
MaitraiyName of an Ancient Rishi; Friend; Companion; Well Wisher; SupporterBoy
MaitreyaFriend; Companion; Well Wisher; SupporterBoy
MaitryiFriendship; Companionship; Wishing Well; SupportingBoy
MajilHope; Wish; Trust; Expectation;Boy
MalotA child that was wished and prayed for. Used as a surnameBoy
ManashyuWishing , Desiring; Longing; CarvingBoy
ManasyuA person who wishes and desiresBoy
ManmeetFriend of Mind; Companion of Mind; Well Wisher for Mind; Supporter and Guider of MindBoy
MannathA wishful personBoy
ManorathDesire; Wish; Long; Crave; Wantings of a mind; Aspiration of MindBoy
ManvayGood Friend; Companion; Well Wisher; Supporter and GuideBoy
MaraamAspiration; Wish; DesireBoy
MarusHebrew - Sea of bitterness; Rebellious; Wished for child; to swell; A variant of MarianBoy
MasidOne who wishes to know thingsBoy
MeetFriend; Companion; Well Wisher; SupporterBoy
MennatullaA wish from the Almighty AllahBoy
MetriFriendship; Companionship; Wishing Well; SupportingBoy
MinazA desire for something, one who wishBoy
MitenFriend; Companion; Well Wisher; SupporterBoy
MitrajitFriendly; Companion; Well Wisher; One who wins peoples heart;Boy
MitulLimited; Friend; Companion; Well Wisher; Derived from Sanskrit word Mita meaning measured;Boy
MohLove; Attraction; Liking; Wishing; Craving; WantingBoy
MouradA wish or a desire from the AlmightyBoy
MuratWish come trueBoy
NehkaamThe one who sacrifices his wishes and dreams.Boy
NijazWish, need, or wantBoy
PageAn attendant; a willful and wishful personBoy
PariketOne who is against desire; Against Wishing and WantsBoy
PejmanDesire; Wish; Broken-hearted; Sad; An Islamic surname; A variant of name PezhmanBoy
PerzoA person who wishes well for everyone, deservingBoy
ProsperoLatin - Properous; Lucky; Wealthy; According to ones wishes; Derived from Latin word ProsperBoy
PurayitaOne who fulfills the wishesBoy
RehzaTo wish for something stronglyBoy
SammeHe who is a God's wishBoy
ShahkamAs the King wishesBoy
TaitangaNot wished for.Unisex
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