149 Baby Girl Names That Mean Wish

AashaHope; Desire; Wish; Hopeful; Wishful thinkingGirl
Aasha LathaCreeper Of Hope; Aasha means wishes or desire and Latha means creeperGirl
AashnaBeloved; Devoted to love; Someone who treasures love; Dearmost; Close to heart; One who fulfills wishesGirl
AasthaFaith; Belief; Trust; Hope; Wish; Devotion; LoyaltyGirl
AbhidhyaWIsh, longingGirl
AbhilasaDesire, wishGirl
Abhilasin (अभिलसिन)One who is full of desires and wishesGirl
AbhipshaA strong desire of wishGirl
AbilashaThe wish or the desiresGirl
AbilishaA wish or desire of a personGirl
AeshnaThe desire of wish or a known personGirl
AkankshaWish; Desire; Hope; AmbitionGirl
AkutiIntension or wishGirl
AlpitaA wishful name meaning miser; person hoarding wealth and spending littleGirl
AlvvaAn elf counselor with a congenial personality wishing for a secure and peaceful environmentGirl
AmaniA name which means wishes, desires, aspirations and dreams to promote peaceUnisex
AmanyWishful person who has lots of hopes and desiresUnisex
AnugrahaRequest; Desire; Blessing; WishesGirl
AnukaThey are wishful and maintain family's prideUnisex
ArajuA lovely wishGirl
ArezoWish or desireGirl
ArimanKurdish word for wishGirl
ArithiWish; Desire; CravingsGirl
ArmaaniWish; one who is from the house of ArmandGirl
ArmigilOne has a wish or a desire; longing wishGirl
ArmitaWish, desire; one who is righteous and virtuousGirl
ArzuDesire or wishGirl
AshapurnaFulfillment of wishGirl
AvilasaA very personal desire and has a wish which is a secretGirl
BoluwatifeAs God wishes, one who follows the will of God.Girl
ChahaLove, wish or desireGirl
ChondaWish; a need for something that may or may not happenGirl
DaluhWish; a desireUnisex
DesireeDesired or WishedGirl
EalhswuthThey are a wish come trueGirl
EleuiaWish, one who wishes good for everyone.Unisex
Emma DilHeart's WishGirl
Eshaniit usually means a wish or a desire.Girl
Eshnaa wish.Girl
Eshnaait means someone who is a wish.Girl
FaqihaOne who is wishing for more knoledgeGirl
GanakshiRefers to wish or aspiration.Girl
HaitukaWell WisherGirl
HatishaOne who has no desire; Without any wishes or desiresGirl
HeelaTo hope; To wishGirl
HeetWell Wisher; Love; AffectionGirl
HitaLovable; Beneficial; Well WisherGirl
HitaishiLovable; Beneficial; Well Wisher; A variant form of HitaGirl
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