295 Baby Names That Mean Wish

The moment a baby graces the world, parents start coming up with a list of names to call them. Some like to name their child after someone who’s made a huge impact in their life, like baby’s grandmother, grandfather or anyone in the family, while others may go on an entirely different route and pick something trendy or modern, inspired by pop culture. But some parents give their kids a name which means something special to them. So if you’re looking for a baby name meaning wish, you’re at the right place.

Wish is a simple word, lying between the realms of magic and prayer. When we’re kids, we wish upon a star to get a new doll or a new dress. And when we’re adults, we wish to get our hands on the latest phones, cars, etc. Wishes motivate us to work harder in life.

While wishing is important, action is imperative, if you really want to transform your wish into reality. Just wishing for a dream job won’t get you anything. You need to enroll yourself in the right course, study hard, pass with good results and apply for it.

Bearing this in mind, we’ve got you a bunch of beautiful names meaning wish. So go through the list and choose your favorite. And remember, no matter what your pick, it will be beautiful.

ArmigilOne has a wish or a desire; longing wishGirl
ArmitaWish, desire; one who is righteous and virtuousGirl
ArzuDesire or wishGirl
AshapurnaFulfillment of wishGirl
AshayDesire; Hope; Promising; Faith; Wish; Being OptimisticBoy
AsotosaOne who fulfills the wishes, desires, wants and needs instantlyBoy
AutarOne who fulfills desires and wishesBoy
AvilasaA very personal desire and has a wish which is a secretGirl
BarenThe Lust; Yearn; Desire; WishBoy
BhargaOne who has Fulfilled his Desires; accomplished wishesBoy
BhojadevaFulfiller of Desires; One who makes wishes come trueBoy
BoluwatifeAs God wishes, one who follows the will of God.Girl
BrahmayujMake wishes through prayers to the GodBoy
ChahaLove, wish or desireGirl
ChahatLove; Affection; One who is well liked; Wish; DearmostBoy
ChardyA Burning Fire that desires love and yet is always alone; one who always wishes for loveBoy
ChondaWish; a need for something that may or may not happenGirl
DaluhWish; a desireUnisex
DattaA granted wishBoy
DesireeDesired or WishedGirl
DevachitThe Will of the Gods; God's desire; God's WishBoy
DidyotisuOne who wishes to shine brightyBoy
DijonA gracious and wish fulfiling GodBoy
DodinasOne who is a wish come trueBoy
EalhswuthThey are a wish come trueGirl
EcchitWanted; Desired; Wished; Craved; Longed; Aspired; YearnedBoy
EepsuStarving to obtain; Wishing to haveBoy
EleuiaWish, one who wishes good for everyone.Unisex
Emma DilHeart's WishGirl
Eshaniit usually means a wish or a desire.Girl
EshitDesired; Wished; Long; Crave; One who is longed and wantedBoy
Eshnaa wish.Girl
Eshnaait means someone who is a wish.Girl
EvayavanOne who is quick; One who grants all wishes; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
EvyavanOne who grants all wishes; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
FaqihaOne who is wishing for more knoledgeGirl
GanakshiRefers to wish or aspiration.Girl
GarulaThe one who carries the greetings & wishes to all mankind.Boy
GennadiusThe person who is decent and well wisher.Boy
GruheetaOne who wishes good for home; A variant spelling of GruhitaBoy
GruhitWishing good for home; A variant spelling is GruheetBoy
GuainintGuainint love experience, fervor and flexibility. Guainint are smart, clever and strangely versatile. Guainint are fit for doing anything they wish for.Boy
HafiGreetings, good wishes, complimentsBoy
HaitukaWell WisherGirl
HansratWish, desire, carvingBoy
HatisaWith no Desire; Without any wishes; One who does not have any cravingsBoy
HatishaOne who has no desire; Without any wishes or desiresGirl
HeelaTo hope; To wishGirl
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