218 Baby Names That Mean Wolf

AcwulfA wolf from the oak meadowsBoy
AdArabic - Settler; German - Noble Wolf; Son of the Red Earth; Son of AdamBoy
AdalwolfA noble wolfBoy
AdalwolfaA wolf who is nobleBoy
AdoffA noble or honourable wolfBoy
AdolfA noble wolf, title of HitlerBoy
AdolfaThe feminine version of Adolf, meaning 'noble wolf'.Girl
AdolfinaGerman - Noble Wolf; Noble HeroGirl
AdolfoNoble wolfUnisex
AdolfusA noble wolfBoy
AdolphA kind and honourable wolfBoy
AdolphaA noble and kind she wolfGirl
AdolpheAn aristocrat wolfBoy
AdolphineAn honourable and noble wolfGirl
AdolphoSpanish variant of Adolf; Noble wolfBoy
Adolphusnoble wolf; A derivative of name AdoBoy
AdulfThe wolf who is noble and honourableBoy
AedwulfA noble and honourable wolfBoy
AegenwulfThe wolf of the chief seaBoy
AethelwulfNoble WolfBoy
AlarickNoble Leader or a Wolf ruler, Fierce, Supreme ruler of allBoy
AldwulfOne old as a wolfBoy
AmaruqGrey wolfUnisex
AmwolfThe majestic and powerful like an Eagle WolfBoy
ArdolfHome Loving Wolf; A variant of the name ArdwolfBoy
ArdolphHome Loving Wolf; A variant of the name ArdwolfBoy
ArdwolfHome Loving WolfBoy
ArnouxEagle wolfBoy
ArnulfWolf, eagle; one who likes to go highBoy
ArnulfoHas the Eagle and Wolf power; powerful personBoy
AzoufAesir's wolfBoy
BardalphAx WolfBoy
Bardawulfaxe and wolfBoy
BardolpheA bright wolfBoy
BardouAxe-wielding wolfBoy
BardoulBright wolf, ax-wielding wolfBoy
BardulfBright wolf, ax-wielding wolfBoy
BarduwulfAn ax-wielding wolfBoy
BarwolfAx WolfBoy
BeorhtwulfTo have the light and brightness of the wolfBoy
BeorthwulfOne who is like a bear and llike the wolfBoy
BeowulfIntelligent WolfBoy
BerhtwulfHe is the wolf of the lightBoy
BernulfHe who is like a wolf and a bearBoy
BertulfTo be like a wolf and bearBoy
BleddynWolf HeroBoy
BleizOld Breton word meaning 'wolf.'Boy
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