204 Baby Boy Names That Mean Wolf

LycidasWolf sonBoy
LyellA wolf from the islandBoy
LyfingA dear wolfBoy
LyulfA compound of "wolf" and "flame"Boy
LyulphA flaming wolfBoy
MarrokA knight that was thought to be a warewolfBoy
MóðolfrThe fearless wolf.Boy
NirmolakA wolf from the northern areasBoy
NothwulfA wolf from the northern areasBoy
OsoufGod's wolf or warrior. It's a variant of Ozouf.Boy
OstrytheName given to a divine Wolf; idealistic personBoy
OvaisA variant of Owais; Name of companions of the Prophet; Little WolfBoy
OwaisA wolf; the best compannion of the ProphetBoy
OwaisyA wolf; a courageous and brave warriorBoy
OweinA noble- born young individual who is like a WolfBoy
OzoufGod's wolf, warriorBoy
PhelanOne who is like a wolfBoy
RadolfA red wolfBoy
RadolphA wolf's shieldBoy
RadulfusA shield wolfBoy
RadulphA wolf conselBoy
RadulphusA shield of the wolfBoy
RaedwolfA red haired wolfBoy
RaedwulfA red wolfBoy
RaffA red wolfBoy
RagnulfAdviser wolf, warriorBoy
RahoulA wolf counselBoy
RalfsA variant of Ralph. It means wolf counsel.Boy
RandaleA shield-wolfBoy
RandelA surname variant of Randolph, means wolf's shieldBoy
RandolfA house wolf, prostectorBoy
RandollSurname, means wolf shieldBoy
RandonVariant of Randolph, means shield with a wolf emblemBoy
RandulfNordic name meaning edge of the wolf's shieldBoy
RandulfusEdge of the wolf's shieldBoy
RandulphWolf's shieldBoy
RandulphusA shield with a wolf emblemBoy
RanndyA house wolfBoy
RanulfScottish name meaning a shield of wolfBoy
RanulfusEnglish name meaning a shield with the emblem of a wolfBoy
RanulphA shield-wolfBoy
RaoulA red wolfBoy
RaulfOne who has the wisdom of a wolfBoy
RaulfeHe is wise like a wolfBoy
RaulinA little wise wolf, mostly used as a surnmeBoy
RawlingAn advice of the wolf. Mainly used as a surnameBoy
RawlinsOne who is a son of the wise wolf-manBoy
RawlsMainly used as a surname which means The Famous WolfBoy
RawlyAn Old English surname that meas A well-known wolfBoy
RawsonAn English surname, the son of the famous wolfBoy
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