532 Baby Names That Mean Young

Choosing a baby name for your bundle of joy can be really stressful. They’re so many names that each of them stares at you while you’re trying to make a selection. But what must matter the most to you is the meaning of the name.

A name is much more than a label or tag. It’s a representation of who you are to your friends, family, children, and even a higher authority. A moniker establishes a reputation, which is recalled every time one speaks out your name. Hence, you should give extreme importance to the meaning of the name you’re about to bestow on your child. And one of the most beautiful meanings to consider is young.

The future of a society depends primarily on the spiritual and practical molding of the young guns. Their youthful zeal enables them to perform feats in every sphere of life, be it military or technology. And their energy spreads like wildfire, touching everyone they come across. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the youth of our generation are the driving forces of tomorrow.

So if you also want your child to grow up into an energetic, inspiring, and zealous being, give him a name being young. Below you’ll find MomJunction's list of baby boy and girl names being young.

BalkrishanOne of many names of Lord Krishna for his young lad formBoy
BalrahOne shines like young sun; Radiant like young sunBoy
BalraviYoung Sun; Morning Sun; Risen Radiant Sun; Brightness of the DawnBoy
BaluChild; Young one; Young Offspring; Junior; Infant; Baby; YouthfulBoy
BalusamyYoung God; Child GodBoy
BaqilA young and handsome blokeBoy
BarnaSon of Comforting; Young; YouthBoy
BarongoThe younger of twin.Girl
BatukBoy, young man, youngsterBoy
BatukaSanskrit - Young Brahmin; A variant of the name BatukBoy
BenyaminJacob's Youngest Son; Son of the Right HandBoy
BhimabalaYoung Lad who has Enoromous Strength like BhimaBoy
BrhadbalaThe great lady or young womanGirl
BrittinyA young girl from Little BritainGirl
BrittneyA young girl from BritainGirl
CahilA young and naive manBoy
CailenA young childBoy
CaillaA ceremonial and young attendantGirl
CailynA young girlGirl
CaleyA young child who is contemporaryBoy
CalinaA most beautiful young womanGirl
CallistaYoung woman who is the most beautifulGirl
CassieA vain young womanGirl
CatharineA genuine and innocent young ladyGirl
CatherinShe is an innocente young womanGirl
CelleenA beautiful and young girlGirl
ChabeelaA beautiful, young boyBoy
ChabilaA splendid, young and charismatic individualBoy
ChailaA handsome and charming young individualUnisex
ChalSon; a brave young boyBoy
ChaleinsA sharp-sighted young ladBoy
ChamanpreetA lovely, young boyBoy
ChanakGraceful young manBoy
ChannOfficer of Church; also a young WolfBoy
ChanneA young WolfBoy
CharviBeautiful, young ladyGirl
ChehzaadA young PrinceBoy
ChickYoung ChickenGirl
ChinnaduraiPrince; A precious pampered young oneBoy
ChinnaiyaName of Young Lord ShivaBoy
ChinnaiyanName of Young Lord ShivaBoy
ChinnakannuPampered Young Little OneBoy
ChinnamaniPrecious Pampered Young OneBoy
ChinnamuthuPrecious Pampered Young OneBoy
ChinnanPampered Young Little OneBoy
ChinnananPampered Young Little OneBoy
ChinnarajSmall King; A pampered young PrinceBoy
ChinnathambiYounger BrotherBoy
ChinniahPampered Young Little OneBoy
ChinnuSweet Baby; Small little one; Pampered young oneBoy
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