532 Baby Names That Mean Young

Choosing a baby name for your bundle of joy can be really stressful. They’re so many names that each of them stares at you while you’re trying to make a selection. But what must matter the most to you is the meaning of the name.

A name is much more than a label or tag. It’s a representation of who you are to your friends, family, children, and even a higher authority. A moniker establishes a reputation, which is recalled every time one speaks out your name. Hence, you should give extreme importance to the meaning of the name you’re about to bestow on your child. And one of the most beautiful meanings to consider is young.

The future of a society depends primarily on the spiritual and practical molding of the young guns. Their youthful zeal enables them to perform feats in every sphere of life, be it military or technology. And their energy spreads like wildfire, touching everyone they come across. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the youth of our generation are the driving forces of tomorrow.

So if you also want your child to grow up into an energetic, inspiring, and zealous being, give him a name being young. Below you’ll find MomJunction's list of baby boy and girl names being young.

EdyopeDeliberate, young and polite beingBoy
EfronYoung stagBoy
EganFire;young fighterGirl
ElamaranYouthful; Young Looking; Juvenile; One of many names of Lord Muruga in his young formBoy
ElampiraiThe young CrescentGirl
ElamuruguYouthful; Young Looking; Juvenile; One of many names of Lord Muruga in his young formBoy
EleyarajaYoung Prince; Heir to throne; Son of King; A variant of name IllayarajaBoy
Enikoa young female deer.Girl
ErachNoble; Name of youngest son of King Farridoon; Belonging to Iran;Boy
EsiankikiYoung maidenGirl
Evaneeyoung fighter.Girl
Evanna good fighter who is young.Boy
Evannaa female fighter who is young and good.Girl
Evannea female young fighter who is equally good.Girl
EzdeharA flourishing young womanGirl
FahamithaA perceptive young womanGirl
FaheemA very perceptive young manBoy
FareenaA kind, merciful and charming young womanGirl
FarzandA young male child, a sonBoy
FattanA bright and charming young manBoy
FaunShe who is like a young deerGirl
FaunaA fawn, a young deerGirl
FawnYoung Deer; Greek mythological deity of fertility and nature was FaunaGirl
FawnaShe is a young deerGirl
FawneLike a young deerGirl
FelabeorbtA brilliant young BoyBoy
FelbertaA brilliannt young womanGirl
FelicianoA young man who is luckyBoy
FergalA brave young BoyBoy
FernanditaA young and bold voyagerGirl
FiorelloA flower which is young (derived from Latin fiora)Girl
FullaEither fuller or a young horseGirl
GabrooYoung Man; Proud; A variant spelling is GabruBoy
GaurikaYoung ladyGirl
GermaineRefers to a young branch new growth.Girl
GhadaGraceful young girlGirl
GhadatMaiden, youth girl, young damsel.Girl
GhaidaYoung man or youth Boy or young master.Boy
GhasanA young and youtful handsome personBoy
GhaydaaTo be young and delicateGirl
GidieMedieval French form of Aegidius. It means young goat.Boy
GilesGiles is a male name and means Young Goat. It has Greek origins.Boy
GiliamGiliam is a female name and meansYoung, Youthful. It is of Celtic and Gaelic originsGirl
GilleGille is a male name of French and Gaelic origins and means Youthful, Young.Boy
GillienGillien is a female name of Celtic and Gaelic orogins and means Young, Youthful. Gillien is a variation of the name Gilian.Girl
GillomanGilloman is a male English name. Gilloman is a very rare name and originates from French and Gaelic name and means Young Man, The One full of Youth.Boy
GiulianaGiulianna means YoungGirl
GiulianoGiuliano means Young, YouthfulBoy
GiuliettaThe name Giulietta means The Young OneGirl
GiulioGiulio is an Italian name and means YoungBoy
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