532 Baby Names That Mean Young

Choosing a baby name for your bundle of joy can be really stressful. They’re so many names that each of them stares at you while you’re trying to make a selection. But what must matter the most to you is the meaning of the name.

A name is much more than a label or tag. It’s a representation of who you are to your friends, family, children, and even a higher authority. A moniker establishes a reputation, which is recalled every time one speaks out your name. Hence, you should give extreme importance to the meaning of the name you’re about to bestow on your child. And one of the most beautiful meanings to consider is young.

The future of a society depends primarily on the spiritual and practical molding of the young guns. Their youthful zeal enables them to perform feats in every sphere of life, be it military or technology. And their energy spreads like wildfire, touching everyone they come across. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the youth of our generation are the driving forces of tomorrow.

So if you also want your child to grow up into an energetic, inspiring, and zealous being, give him a name being young. Below you’ll find MomJunction's list of baby boy and girl names being young.

Julianeyoung and fearless.such people are easy going and have urge to seek knowledge. They have a lot of qualities and love their family and friends.Girl
Juliannit means young and youthful. They have a spark and ignite the light in every event and occasion. They are lively and filled with energy.Girl
Juliannait means young and youthful or Joves child. These people are abundant, organized, full of ideas and useful for others.Girl
JunChinesee - Truth; Japanese - Obedient; Latin - Younger; Young ChildBoy
JunaJuna means Young PersonGirl
JuneauJuneau means Young in FrenchBoy
JunellaThe meaning of the name Junella is YoungGirl
JuniJuni is a Scandinavian name meaning YoungGirl
JuniorThe Young, Child; Derived from the word iunior meaning youngerBoy
JuniusLatin - Dedicated to Juno; Younger; Young Child; A variant of the name Julius and JuniorBoy
JunotJunot is a Boy name and means YoungBoy
KadekYounger sibling. The name is generally given to second child.Boy
KahiniPriest; Holy Person; YoungBoy
KaishoriKaishori name means Youth, YoungBoy
KalfrYoung cow in Icelandic language.Boy
KammiYoung Attendant; Beautiful; Good looking; Charming; A variant of name Kamala which means flowerGirl
KammieYoung Attendant; Beautiful; Good looking; Charming; A variant of name Kamala which means flowerGirl
KanhaKanha means Young, Lord KrishnaBoy
KanishkarGod's Child; YoungestBoy
KanishtaGod's Child; YoungestBoy
KanizahYoung Girl; Small little GirlGirl
KanvarThe name means A Young PrinceBoy
KeoniKeone means Young WarriorBoy
KetinaKetina means a Yougster, Young oneGirl
KevernKevern means Handsome YoungsterBoy
KevinaKevina means Beautiful Young OneGirl
KevlynKevlyn She is Beautiful and YoungGirl
KhokunaBoy; Lad; Young manBoy
KhuwailahThe name means Young and Little GazelleGirl
KishoraKishora means YoungBoy
KishorekumarYoung Lad; Youthful; One who is always young in spirit and mindBoy
KishoriKishori means Young PersonBoy
KittuA Cute Boy; Small young boy; A pet name in TamilBoy
KoroshKorosh means YoungBoy
Krishna balaThe name means Young KrishnaBoy
KrishnabalaMeaning of the name is Young KrishnaBoy
KumaranOne of man names of Lord Muraga; Son of Lord Shiva; Young and YouthfulBoy
KumarappanOne of man names of Lord Muraga; Son of Lord Shiva; Young and YouthfulBoy
KumaravelOne of man names of Lord Muraga; Son of Lord Shiva; Young and YouthfulBoy
KvígrA young bull.Boy
LachmanA name of younger brother of Ram; Variant spelling is LakshmanBoy
LadLad means Young Man, ManservantBoy
LaddLadd means Young ManBoy
LaddaLadda means Maiden. Young Girl, Goddes of LoveGirl
LaddieLaddie means young Boy, a manservantBoy
LadyA woman who is young and beutifulGirl
LaghuLovely; Pure; Young; Faultless; Quick; Light; Bright; BrilliantBoy
LalanaA Girl; A beautiful woman; A pretty young ladyGirl
LambA person with a young mindUnisex
LawinYoung manBoy
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