72 Medieval Baby Names With Meanings


If you want a baby name that is unique and meaningful, you may draw inspiration from the enchanting era of the Medieval age. Medieval English baby names hold a special charm, deriving from saints, biblical texts, and historical figures. These names offer a glimpse into a time when religion held great significance. During this period, names often took different spellings in various regions due to the diversity of vernacular languages spoken across Europe. French names that ended with -et, -in, and -on, brought by the Normans, evolved into English forms with suffixes like -kin and -cock. Additionally, Latin names with -us endings were common for males. Intermarriages among royal families for political reasons introduced foreign names that were anglicized rather than used in their original form. Frankish names were also prevalent, especially among the Normans who brought them to England after the 1066 invasion. Most of these names are in trend but with modern forms, their historical roots are fascinating. The development of the modern naming system in England began in the Middle Ages. Large populations in the early 20th century were known by a single given name. However, as these names became insufficient, additional names and bynames were given. Gradually, bynames evolved into hereditary surnames, reflecting kinship (1). Below, we've compiled a list of medieval English baby names that deserve a comeback. These names evoke a world where myth and reality intertwine, honoring values including courage, faith, and the rustic beauty of England. Take a journey through these names, and you might discover the perfect name for your little one. If these medieval English names have piqued your interest, imagine the stories they could tell. Delve deeper into the world of names, exploring old and new possibilities from across the globe.

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Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of nobility
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A noble-born woman
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Kind
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Guarantee
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Fair gift
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Gifted woman
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Baby Girl Sign Girl From the land of gifts
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A Medieval English name of Greek origin
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A short term for Nicholas; Victory of the men
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Yahweh is my God
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Baby Girl Sign Girl My God is an oath; My God is abundance
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Rival; To emulate; Excel
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Universal
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God is my strength
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Home ruler
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Baby Girl Sign Girl She who gives good battle counsel
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A young battle maiden
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Baby Girl Sign Girl She who fights in a battle
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A warrior of the battle
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A fighter in the war
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Baby Girl Sign Girl She who fights in the battles of war
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Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is in the battle
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A counselor in the battle
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Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is like a wolf in the battle
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is from the battle fields
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Baby Girl Sign Girl She is a battle maiden
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is always cheerful and happy
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is a soldier in the war
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A cheerful and happy maiden
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A beloved and esteemed woman
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A variation of Orenga
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Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is a friend of the fame
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God is merciful and gracious
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful individual who is loved by others
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A cherished and beloved person
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful, powerful, and beloved individual
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Darling and beautiful person
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Pleasing and dear woman
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of beauty and power who is loved by all
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A beloved and powerful individual
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is powerful and pleasant
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Authoritative and beloved person
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A pleasing person with an enjoyable personality
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is dear and agreeable
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Dear; Beloved
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Baby Girl Sign Girl The dear and joyous person
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is full of joy
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A beloved, joyful person
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A precious and cheerful individual
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Baby Girl Sign Girl An individual who gladly participates in battles
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Light
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A medieval English girl name
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Who is like God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Olive tree planter
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace; Olive tree
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A pleasant, delightful woman
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A charming, pleasant, friendly woman
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A daughter that was prayed for
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Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like a sea of bitterness
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A Royal Headdress
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Baby Girl Sign Girl A rebellious child
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Baby Girl Sign Girl One solid and strong as the rock
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Baby Boy Sign Boy An old surname; Rock
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Baby Girl Sign Girl One who can be compared to a rock
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Baby Boy Sign Boy The raven
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Baby Boy Sign Boy From Sebaste; Venerable
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Star; Pillar
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Purple; Purple flower

Exploring medieval English baby names, we journey through a crossroads of history and culture. These names, often rooted in Old English and influenced by religious, familial, and societal factors, reflect the values and aspirations of an ancient era. As we delve into this linguistic realm, we unearth a rich reservoir of names that connect us to our ancestors and highlight the ardent human desire to bestow meaningful identities upon the next generation.

Infographic: Classic Medieval Baby Names With Meanings

Explore the enchanting world of English baby names from medieval times. These names evoke the era of knights and castles, offering a glimpse into the past. Discover the beauty of names derived from nature, virtue, and ancient legends. This infographic below lists such names and their meanings.

timeless medieval baby names to discover (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some considerations when choosing a medieval baby name?

When selecting a medieval baby name, consider researching its historical period, cultural importance, and popularity. You may also seek names linked to nobility, chivalry, or legendary characters of the medieval period while considering the name's meaning, individuality, and alignment with your preferences.

2. Can medieval baby names be gender-neutral?

In medieval times, most baby names were believed to be gender-specific, but there were a few names like Robin (Bright fame), Avery (Elf ruler or king), and Drew (Manly or masculine) that could be considered gender-neutral.

3. What are some unique medieval baby names that are not commonly used today?

Some unique medieval baby names like Elfrida (Elf strength), Lancelot (Spear), and Isolde (Ice battle) have an intriguing historical charm and offer a distinct choice for parents seeking a less common medieval-inspired name for their child.

4. What are some differences in medieval baby names across different regions of Europe?

Regional differences in baby names may be evident across German-speaking European countries, particularly in diminutive names ending with -l -el, -erl, and -le in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Similarly, the variations may also be seen in the names derived from occupations; for example, a barrel maker is called by different titles in different regions.

5. What are some popular medieval baby names that have a strong meaning or symbolism?

The name Arthur, associated with the legendary King Arthur of the sixth century who fought against the Saxon invasion, represents bravery and leadership (2). Isabella, meaning 'God is an oath,' reflects religious unyielding faith, and the medieval name Tristan, associated with the tragic love story of Tristan and Isolde, symbolizes passionate love.


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