45 Medieval English Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AliceTruth, gracious, realityGirl
AuroraA Roman Goddess; wonderful dawn and breezyGirl
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
ElizabethOne who provides satisfaction and fullnessGirl
Emiliathis name means to rival or emulate or excel.Girl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
GabrielGod is my strengthUnisex
LucyEnglish variation of Lucia, meaning lightGirl
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
StellaStar of the seaUnisex
VioletPurplre or purplr flowerGirl
AhelisA woman of nobilityGirl
AhelissaA noble born womanGirl
BrictevaOne who is fair giftGirl
BricthiuaShe is a giftGirl
BricthledShe is from the lad of giftsGirl
HildethShe who gives good battle counselGirl
HildeyerdA young battle maidenGirl
HildiardShe who fights in a battleGirl
HildithaShe who gfights in the battles of warGirl
HilditheOne who is in the battleGirl
HildredA counseler in the battleUnisex
HilithShe is a battle maidenGirl
HillariaA woman who is always cheerful and happyGirl
HilldaA woman who is a soldier in the warGirl
HillereeA cheerful and happy maidenGirl
HismenaA beloved and esteemed woman. Hismena is a Medieval variation of the name IsmayGirl
HorengaA variation of the name OrengaGirl
LefledaA beutiful individual who is loved by othersGirl
LefquenCherised and beloved personGirl
LefquenaBeautiful, powerful and beloved individualGirl
LefqueneDarling and beaufitul personGirl
LefquennPleasing and dear womanGirl
LefqwenA woman of beauty, power and loved by allGirl
LefwenDear and Joyous personGirl
LefwennaA person who is full of joy and belovedGirl
LivithAn individual who gladly participates in battlesGirl
MawdelynA medeval English girl nameGirl
PlesantiaA pleasant, delightful womanGirl
PlesenciaA charming, pleasant, friendly womanGirl
PollekinA daughter that was prayed forGirl
PolliOne who is like a sea of bitternessGirl
PollyanaA rebellious childGirl
PurneleOne solid and strong as the rockGirl
PurnelleOne who can be comapared to a rockGirl
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