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Origin, Meaning, and History of Megan

Megan is a Welsh feminine name originating from the root word “Meg” meaning “pearl.” The first recorded use of the name Megan dates back to the medieval period in Wales. It is originally a short form of “Margaret” and comes from the Greek “Margarites” and Latin “Margarita,” both meaning “pearl.” By way of the Persian meaning, Megan also means “child of light.” The Hebrew version of the name is “Magen,” and stands for “shield.” It gives the name an aura of strength and capability.

Megan was commonly used as a nickname for women with a bright and sparkling personality, much like the shining qualities of a pearl, but over the years, people have opted for it as a proper given name. It is a popular Welsh name for women in England and Wales and is usually shortened to Meg.

Some variations of the name Megan include Meghan, Meagen, Meggy, and Meggie in English, and Meaghan in Irish. These variations are a reflection of the cultural and linguistic differences among the countries.

In the early 20th century, the name Megan gained much popularity in the UK, where it was used as a name for girls. However, it was not until the 1980s that the name became popular in the US, where it has remained one of the favorite names for girls. The American actress Megan Fox upped the glamor quotient of the name with her stardom. A few famous fictional characters, such as Megan Parker from the famous TV series “Drake and Josh,” and Megan Smith from the super-hit film “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” also brought the name into the limelight.

Megan is a popular feminine name that symbolizes beauty, grace, joy, and strength and is the perfect choice for a bubbling and sparkling baby girl.


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A strong and capable woman
Anglo Saxon
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How To Pronounce Megan?


Famous People With The Name Megan

  • Megan FoxAmerican actress famous for her role in Jennifer’s Body and Transformers
  • Meghan MarkleFormer American actress, Duchess of Sussex, and wife of Prince Harry
  • Megan Thee StallionAmerican rapper, well-known for songs like Savage and Cognac Queen
  • Megan NicoleAmerican pop singer released her first original song B-e-a-utiful in 2011
  • Megan SuriAmerican actress who shot to fame with her role in the popular Netflix series “Never Have I Ever”

Megan On The Popularity Chart

The name Megan has seen its highs and lows between 1980 and 2021. You can check the graphs to know its popularity and ranking over time.

Popularity Over Time

Megan was one of the most popular names for baby girls in 1985 and continued to be so until 1990. Then, its popularity declined gradually and reached an all-time low in 2020. Have a look at the graph.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name Megan was doing well between the years 1980 and 2000. It attained the 10th rank in 1992 and 1994. However, after the year 2000, its rank has not been able to improve much. Refer to the graph to know more.

Source: Social Security Administration

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