119 Middle East Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Abd al AlimServant of all knowingBoy
Abd al BariServant of AllahBoy
Abd al HakimServant of the wiseBoy
Abd al JabbarServant of mightyBoy
Abd al MatinServant of strongBoy
Abd al QadirServant of capableBoy
Abd al RashidServant of the guided.Boy
Abd al SamiServant of all hearing.Boy
Abd er RahmanServant of the merciful one.Boy
Abu al KhayrOne who does goodBoy
ArqaOne having refined tastes.Boy
AymilMiddle Eastern form of Emil, meaning excellent.Boy
Badr al DinFull moon of the faith.Boy
BarakaaBlessings or abundance.Boy
BassaymThe smiling one.Boy
BassmaA smileBoy
CasildoThe one who carries a lance.Boy
ChakirThe chosen one.Boy
Diya al DinBrightness of the faith.Boy
DymekLover of earth.Boy
FadahunsiThe king's favorBoy
Husam al DinSword of the faithBoy
ItamarIsland of PalmsBoy
Izz al DinMight of the faithBoy
KhentimentiuMythical god of the dead's destinyBoy
KhnurnMythical reborn sunBoy
KirjathCity vocation meetingBoy
KishonHard soreBoy
KolariahVoice of the lord.Boy
KolbFrom KolbBoy
KorianName of a historianBoy
LyronSong of mine, song that brings me joy.Boy
MatekA form of Matthew, meaning gift.Boy
MiksaA form of Maximillian, meaning greatest.Boy
MuhtadiOne who is rightly guidedBoy
MukiOne who shinesBoy
MulazimTenacious, persistingBoy
MuneerSplendid, shiningBoy
MuradDesired purpose, intentionBoy
MuratWish come trueBoy
MurtadiOne who is satisfied, contentBoy
MushinA variant of Mohsin, meaning one who confers favors.Boy
MustaphaThe chosen oneBoy
MutasimAdhering to God.Boy
MuwaffaqOne who is successful.Boy
MuwakkilOne who can be trustedBoy
OhannesA form of John, meaning God is gracious.Boy
SarniThe elevated one.Boy
SeyyidMister or sirBoy
ShabakaName of an Egyptian ruler.Boy
ShaeenA royal white falconBoy
SharifuOne who is noble and honorable.Boy
ShebaroA gypsy boy of marriageable age.Boy
SymanA form of Simon, meaning listen.Boy
TaviA form of David, meaning beloved.Boy
TibonLover of nature.Boy
TodrosThe God's graceful giftBoy
UbaidaServant of GodBoy
UmarahA non-mandatory pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca.Boy
UrielMy light, one of God's angelsBoy
UthmanName of one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad.Boy
UwaisA small wolfBoy
VartenRose giverBoy
WajdiPassion and loveBoy
WalliyullahSupporter of God.Boy
XantheusOne who is golden haired.Boy
YaelMountain goatBoy
YakubGod will protect.Boy
YamanProper nameBoy
YanniA form of John, meaning God is gracious.Boy
YasarWealth, easeBoy
YasufA form of Yusuf, meaning he will increase.Boy
YazdanOne who is mild and merciful.Boy
YazidGod will increaseBoy
YishaiA form of Jesse, meaning gift.Boy
YushuaA form of Joshua, meaning God saves.Boy
ZafeerOne of firm and resolute intentionBoy
ZahirA blooming flower.Boy
ZaimMiddle Eastern word for brigadier general.Boy
ZakwanOne who is intuitive.Boy
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