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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Miles

Miles is a male name that comes from the Latin word for soldier. It also derives from the Germanic name ‘Milo,’ which was introduced to England by the Normans as Miles. There is also the possibility of a Slavic connection from the word ‘milu,’ which meant ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful.’ In Scotland, Miles was the anglicized form of ‘Maoilios,’ which meant ‘servant of Jesus.’

In history, Saint Miles was the famous bearer of the name from Sasanian Persia and was the bishop of Susa. He traveled widely in the Eastern Roman Empire to spread Christianity. During his lifetime, Saint Miles led the opposition to the supremacy of the bishops of the Seleucia-Ctesiphon in the Persian church of the east. He achieved martyrdom during the 40th-year Persecution by the Sasanian authorities for his actions.

In written history, Miles finds mention in Martyrology of 411, Historia Ecclesiastica by Sozomen, and the Old English Martyrology. Two popular variants of the name include Myles and Milo.

In fiction, Miles Edward O’Brien is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise played by Colm Meaney. He essays the role of chief of operations of Deep Space Nine. Miles Morales is a fictional black superhero known by the alias Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Sir Miles Axlerod is a fictional animated character from the movie ‘Cars 2,’ released in 2011. He is a British electric car and the brain behind the nefarious organization the Lemons. Miles Teg is a fictional recurring character in the Dune series by Frank Herbert. He is a former Supreme Bashar of Bene Gesserit.

Miles Upshur is a freelance investigative journalist who follows up with the psychiatric hospital called Mount Massive Asylum in the 2013 horror-survival video game. Miles Bennett Dyson is the microprocessor inventor in the epic science-fiction franchise ‘Terminator.’ His invention would lead to Skynet’s rise and humanity’s gradual extermination. Miles Straume is a character from the TV series ‘Lost,’ played by Ken Leung.


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One who is proud of being a soldier
Latin, Norman
 M..  Ma..  Mal..  Man..  Mau.. 

How To Pronounce Miles?


Famous People With The Name Miles

  • Miles DavisAmerican jazz musician known as a pioneer of the music industry
  • Miles TellerAmerican actor known for his movies like Fantastic Four, War Dogs and Top Gun: Maverick
  • Miles SandersAmerican footballer currently playing for Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League
  • Miles BrowningAmerican naval officer and a pioneer in the aircraft carrier warfare
  • Miles AustinAmerican football coach and former player for Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League
  • Miles MikolasAmerican baseball pitcher for St. Louis Cardinal in the Major League Baseball

Miles On The Popularity Chart

Miles has been gradually improving over the years, as per the data released by the Social Security Administration. Have a look at the chart to see its performance over the years.

Popularity Over Time

After a lackluster performance during the 1980s and the 1990s, it has risen to an all-time high with 5694 babies per million sharing the name as of 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Miles has seen a decline in its ranking over the last few decades. However, it occupies the 17598th rank on the chart as of 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Names With Similar Meaning As Miles

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Name Numerology For Miles

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