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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Mirabel

A unique name, Mirabel means wondrous, marvelous, extraordinary – everything your child is for you. The name comes from the Latin word “mirabilis” where “mīror” translates to “to marvel at” and “bilis” means “able.” Another variation of Mirabel is “mīrus,” which means “wonderful.”

Mirabilis was commonly used in the term “annus mirabilis,” which meant “wonderful year” or “year of wonders.” A genus of plants is also named Mirabilis, the most well-known of them being mirabilis jalapa or the four-clock plant.

Originating in the middle ages, the name Mirabel did not grow in popularity for long. However, it saw a revival of sorts in the 19th century. In recent times, the most popular cultural reference to the name Mirabel is from the 2021 animation movie Encanto. The protagonist of this Disney film is named Mirabel Madrigal, the only member of her family who does not have a magical gift. The film became an instant hit, and so did the name.

Romantic comedy Shopgirl, released in 2005, also has a character named Mirabelle Butterfield, played by Claire Danes. When it comes to books, there is the Mirabelle series of books for young adults. There is also Marie Grace Mirabella, who founded Mirabella magazine in 1989. She was a fashion journalist who led Vogue magazine as editor-in-chief from 1971 to 1988.

Mirabel does not have a lot of variations when it comes to spelling or pronunciation. However, Mirabelle, Mirabella, and Marvel are some close variations of this moniker. While the name was used for both girls and boys in the Middle Ages, it is now used mostly for girls. The popularity of the name began in the western countries, but now it is well-known all over the world.


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The most wondrous lady, a miraculous beauty
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How To Pronounce Mirabel?


Famous People With The Name Mirabel

  • Mirabel OslerEnglish writer and garden designer
  • Marie Grace MirabellaAmerican fashion journalist
  • Mirabelle KirklandFranco-American screenwriter, novelist, and voice-over artist
  • Paul MirabellaAmerican baseball player
  • Erin MirabellaAmerican cyclist, six-time national champion
  • Sophie MirabellaAustralian politician and lawyer
  • Lisa MirabelloAmerican medical geneticist
  • Mirabelle ThovexFrench snowboarder
  • Roberto MirabellaArgentine politician and educator

Mirabel On The Popularity Chart

The feminine Mirabel has made it to the top 100 baby names in the past. However, it didn’t make big strides in popularity in recent years. The graphic representation below will give you more information about its popularity.

Popularity Over Time

The name Mirabel started gaining popularity in the early 2000s, with 55 babies getting the name in 2013. In 2016, 54 babies were given the name Mirabel. Since then, there has been a downward trend, with 33 babies getting named Mirabel in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Ranked 11,650 in 1982, Mirabel has certainly come a long way in popularity, as it reached 4268 in 2021. The name got its highest ranking of 3027 in 2013.

Source: Social Security Administration

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