95 Mongolian Baby Names With Meanings

When it comes to selecting a name for your baby, you’ll find loads of inspiration and ideas. But finding a name that has a perfect mix of uniqueness and would transition well into adulthood, would be a bit tricky. Think Mongolian baby names can help unwind the trick?

Mongolian baby names have gone through some major revolution in the history of the nation. Before the spread of Buddhism, Mongols followed the shamanistic belief, which was tied to Earth and its natural phenomenon. This resulted in descriptive names. Names with auspicious connotations or symbols that are believed to bring good fortune to the bearer were also common.

Nowadays, a Mongolian name consists of two words – a noun and its modifier. They pick names that represent a special occasion, like a conquest or victory, animal names (because of the Mongolian culture’s association with herding and hunting), names taken from foreign people and names that reflect qualities parents desire from children. Modern Russian names or mixed Russian names are also on the rise, largely because of Mongolia’s close ties with the Soviet Union. Also, Mongolians are not given any surname. They just put their father’s first name before the given game.

Below is MomJunction's exhaustive collection of modern, tradition, popular, and trendy Mongolian baby names with meanings.

AltantsetsegGolden flowerGirl
Bat ErdeneStrong jewelBoy
BatbayarStrong joyBoy
BatjargalFirm happinessBoy
BolormaaCrystal motherGirl
EnkhjargalPeaceful happiness or peace blessingGirl
EnkhtuyaRay of peaceGirl
ErdenechimegJewel ornamentGirl
GanbaatarSteel heroBoy
GantulgaSteel hearthBoy
GanzorigSteel, courage, brave. A brave man.Boy
LkhagvasürenGreat HealerBoy
Monkh ErdeneEternal familyUnisex
MonkhbatEternal firmnessBoy
MönkhtsetsegEternal flowerGirl
Nergüi"The name means ""no name"" in Mongolian. It was given to mislead bad spirits."Boy
OtgonbayarYoungest joyBoy
OyuunchimegDecorated or noble mindGirl
AltanMongolian - Golden; Turkic - Red Dawn; A variant of name AltinBoy
AltansarnaiGolden roseGirl
ArbanA fluent manUnisex
BataarHero, a heroic figure.Boy
BatsaikhanHe who is strong and nice.Boy
BatuLoyal, faithful, devoted individualBoy
BatuhanFirm, hard or strongBoy
BatukhanA firm rulerBoy
BatzorigCourageous, and strongBoy
BayarmaaMother of joyGirl
ChaghataiMongolian word for baby.Boy
ChenghizHe who is greatest and wise.Boy
ChingisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
ChinuaBlessings from GodUnisex
ChuluunStone, or he who is strong as stone.Boy
ChuluunboldStone steelBoy
Erhia musical instrument.Girl
GanThe bold one.Unisex
GansukhSteel axeBoy
GenghisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
GerielA light or a bright lightGirl
JochiSon of ChenghizBoy
Jullianpeople with this name are loyal and love their family a lot. They bring joy where ever they go and are good advisers.Unisex
KhanKhan means King, RulerBoy
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