84 Nahuatl Baby Names With Meanings

If you are looking for an entirely different inspiration for a baby name, look no further than Nahuatl baby names. Obtained from the antiquity, these names are original, unique and will ensure that your child stands out from the crowd.

Nahuatl is the Uto-Aztecan language spoken by 1.5 million people living in central Mexico, especially in Veracruz, Puebla, San Luis Potosi, Hildago, Oaxaca, El Salvador, and regions across the coastline. There are a few Nahuatl speakers in the rest of Mexico and some parts of the United States as well. But most of the Nahuatl speakers speak Spanish, with the exceptions of some elderly. That’s because commoners find hard to decipher the language.

The classical Nahuatl was the lingua franca of not just Aztec empire, but most of the Mesoamerica from the 7th century until the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. The language was originally written in the pictographic script, which wasn’t exactly a writing system, but served as a mnemonic to remind the readers that they had learned it orally.

Browse through MomJunction’s list of Nahuatl baby names for girls and boys and their meanings below. You can even shortlist the names to create a list of your favorites.

CocolilocShe is hatedGirl
IchpochtonLittle daughterGirl
ItzcuinRuns like a dogBoy
MatlalihhuitlPurple featherBoy
OmacatlThe double-gendered deity, a creator godBoy
TecuetlazaHe who throws like a Mexican beaded lizardBoy
TeicuhSomeone's older sisterGirl
TeuhcatlDust personBoy
TeyacapanA term used for first born daughter.Girl
TlacoThe middle born daughter.Girl
XochiatlapalFlower wingGirl
XochiquenFlower garmentBoy
XocoYoungest sisterGirl
YaotlCombatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; RivalUnisex
YaoxochitlMarigold or flower of the enemyGirl
YaquicaHe who goes to warBoy
AcamapichtliA handful of reeds or long grassBoy
AchcauhtliLeader, a man with leadership qualities.Boy
AhuiliztliHappiness and joy, one who brings joy.Boy
AnciA graceful woman.Girl
CentehuaThe only one, unique.Girl
ChicahuaA strong and powerful man.Boy
ChimalpopocaA smoking shieldBoy
CipactliNahuatl word for crocodile.Boy
CitlalminaGreatest of all the female heroes.Girl
CoaxochSerpent flowerGirl
CoyotlNahuatl word meaning coyote.Boy
CualliGood, a good natured man.Unisex
CuetlachtliNahuatl word for wolf.Boy
CuixtliNahuatl word for kite.Boy
EhecatlThe wind serpent.Boy
EleuiaWish, one who wishes good for everyone.Unisex
EloxochitlThe magnolia flower.Girl
EtalpalliNahuatl word for wing.Unisex
HuemacName of a Toltec king.Unisex
HuitzilihuitlHummingbird; Feather of a hummingbird; Pen of a hummingbirdBoy
IccauhtliThe younger brother.Boy
IchtacaNahuatl word for secret.Unisex
IcnoyotlNahuatl word for friendship.Unisex
IhuicatlNahuatl word for sky.Unisex
IlhikaminaHe who shoots arrows at the sky. Also, the name of a great Mexica king.Boy
IlhuitlNahuatl word for day.Unisex
IuitlNahuatl word for feather.unisex
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