59 Nahuatl Baby Boy Names With Meanings

ItzcuinRuns like a dogBoy
MatlalihhuitlPurple featherBoy
OmacatlThe double-gendered deity, a creator godBoy
TecuetlazaHe who throws like a Mexican beaded lizardBoy
TeuhcatlDust personBoy
XochiquenFlower garmentBoy
YaotlCombatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; RivalUnisex
YaquicaHe who goes to warBoy
AcamapichtliA handful of reeds or long grassBoy
AchcauhtliLeader, a man with leadership qualities.Boy
AhuiliztliHappiness and joy, one who brings joy.Boy
ChicahuaA strong and powerful man.Boy
ChimalpopocaA smoking shieldBoy
CipactliNahuatl word for crocodile.Boy
CoyotlNahuatl word meaning coyote.Boy
CualliGood, a good natured man.Unisex
CuetlachtliNahuatl word for wolf.Boy
CuixtliNahuatl word for kite.Boy
EhecatlThe wind serpent.Boy
EleuiaWish, one who wishes good for everyone.Unisex
EtalpalliNahuatl word for wing.Unisex
HuemacName of a Toltec king.Unisex
HuitzilihuitlHummingbird; Feather of a hummingbird; Pen of a hummingbirdBoy
IccauhtliThe younger brother.Boy
IchtacaNahuatl word for secret.Unisex
IcnoyotlNahuatl word for friendship.Unisex
IhuicatlNahuatl word for sky.Unisex
IlhikaminaHe who shoots arrows at the sky. Also, the name of a great Mexica king.Boy
IlhuitlNahuatl word for day.Unisex
IuitlNahuatl word for feather.unisex
MahuizohA glorious personUnisex
MatlalDark green or net.Boy
MatlalhuitlBlue-green featherBoy
MeztliThe one who is compared to the Moon.Boy
MilinticaHe is waving or fireBoy
MoctezumaMehry derives from the word "Mehr" that means "The Sun". It also means someone who is kind and lovable.Boy
MomoztliThe altarUnisex
MoyolehuaniThe enamored one.Unisex
NecalliFight, war place, competition, contest.Boy
NezahualcoyotlThe fasting coyote. Also the name of a Texcoco kingBoy
NezahualpilliA prince who fasts.Boy
NopaltzinA consistent man.Boy
OllinChanging the location of something.Boy
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