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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Natalie

Natalie is a relaxed feminine name with Latin roots. It arises from ‘Natalis,’ which implies’ birthday.’ It also means ‘birthday of the God,’ ‘Christmas,’ or ‘festival of the Nativity’ because of its Latin roots, ‘ Natale domini.’ From this view, the name directly translates as ‘child born on Christmas.’ Natalie also has associations with the Greek term’ anatoly.’ Anatoly means ‘sunrise.’ Thus, etymologically, Natalie means ‘start,’ ‘born,’ or ‘sunrise.’ It is also considered a French variation of the Russian term Natalia.

Historically, the name was given to girls born around Christmas. A less common version of it is Nathalie. The Italian word Natalino, implying ‘born on Christmas,’ is thought to have grown into the English word natal. Another reason for its popularity among Christians is that it is considered a fitting name for the Christian saint’s birthday. Natalie was the wife of the 4th-century martyr Saint Adrian of Nicomedia, who is venerated as a saint in the Orthodox Church.

Traditionally, this name has been more in use among Eastern Christians than in the West. Natalie has several language variations. In French, it is Natacha; in English, Natalee; and in Spanish, Natalia. In Croatian, the name is spelled as Natalija; in Italian, it is Natalina; and in Bulgarian, it is Nataliya.

There are many fictional Natalies as well. Natalie Dragomiroff is  a character in Agatha Christie’s novel ‘Murder on the Orient Express.’ Natalia Romanova appears as a character in the Marvel universe. There is also a song, ‘Natalie,’ by Bruno Mars. You will readily recognize Natalie, played by Cameron Diaz’s character in Charlie’s Angels. Natalie Figueroa is also a character in the  TV series ‘Orange Is the New Black.’


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The child born on Christmas day.
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How To Pronounce Natalie?


Famous People With The Name Natalie

  • Natalie ColeAmerican singer and daughter of the legendary artist Nat King Cole
  • Natalie CoughlinAmerican competitive swimmer and Olympic medalist
  • Natalie MerchantAmerican singer and vocalist of 10,000 Maniacs band
  • Natalie PortmanAmerican actress and academy award winner
  • Natalie Katherine NeidhartAmerican-Canadian wrestler and two-time women’s world champion
  • Natalie MainesLead vocalist of the country band The Chicks
  • Natalie MoralesAmerican actress known for starring in the series The Middleman
  • Natalie DormerEnglish actress and winner of the Empire Award
  • Natalie GrantAmerican singer honored with the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award
  • Natalie GrantProfessional volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist

Natalie On The Popularity Chart

Natalie’s name reached its peak popularity in 2006. Find out its rise to fame from these graphs.

Popularity Over Time

The name grew in usage especially in the 2000s. Check out this graphic representation to analyze its popularity over the years.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Natalie achieved an impressive 13th rank in 2008. Check out this graph to evaluate its rank over time.

Source: Social Security Administration

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