28 Native American Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SacagaweaNative American name meaning Bird WomanGirl
SacniteWoman beautiful and pure as the white flowerGirl
SahalieThe sky, or the high heavenGirl
SahkyoOne who resembles the minkGirl
SahrahsaheA black eagleUnisex
SakakaweaA woman who helped Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Lousiana PurchaseGirl
SalaliNative American name meaning squirrelGirl
SalosoA cry of the wild gooseUnisex
SassabaThe wolfUnisex
SayenShe who is sweet and lovelyGirl
ScoopOne who is standing looking backUnisex
SednaGoddess of the seaGirl
SequoiaOf the giant red wood treeUnisex
ShadaOne who resambles a PelicanGirl
ShaniaA woman who is on her own wayGirl
ShaniyaShe who is on her own wayGirl
ShenandoahBeautiful daughter of the starsGirl
ShenoahA white doveGirl
ShikobaTo be like a featherUnisex
ShimaShe who is a motherGirl
ShumanRattlesnake handlerGirl
SinastaA person considered to be an expertUnisex
SixsipitaOne like a Black EagleUnisex
SkanawatiOne who lives on teh other side of the swampUnisex
SnanaOne who jingles like the bellsGirl
SokanonOne who is like a rainGirl
SotsonaOne who is like a foxUnisex
SoyalaA time of the winter solsticeGirl
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