407 Nigerian Baby Names With Meanings

Nigerian baby names are as unique as the culture of this region, which is one of the many reasons behind the popularity of these names. Nigerian parents like to be descriptive when it comes to naming tradition, but the customs vary by ethnic group. Some families and tribes prefer anglicized names, while others don’t. But one thing is common. Almost all the families and tribes pick names that express their expectations from the child or the circumstances surrounding the birth of the baby. That’s because Nigerians believe that a name has a determining effect on the child’s life. Some tribes also give as many as five names to their children, but only one or two are used.

The child’s position in the family is also considered while naming. When twins are born, the first child to arrive is named Taiwo, which means ‘pre-tasted the world’ and the second one is called Kehinde, which means ‘the one who lagged behind”. Naming the child after the day on which he was born in also popular in Nigeria. So a child born on Sunday is called Sunday. Muslim families living in Nigeria frequently pick Islamic first names such as Kareem, Abdul, Ahmad, or Ibrahim.

Below you’ll find an extensive collection of Nigerian baby boy and girl names with meanings by MomJunction.

AbaezeBranch of the kingsBoy
AbayomrunkojeGod won't allow humiliation.Boy
AbebiWe asked for a girl child.Girl
AbegundeOne born during the holiday.Boy
AbeoThe bringer of happiness .Boy
AbidugunOne born before the war.Boy
AbigailFather in rejoicingGirl
AbiodunOne born at the time of festival.Boy
AchojahRise up to challengeBoy
AdaegoDaughter of wealthGirl
AdaezePrincess, daughter of the king.Girl
AdakuA girl born into wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family.Girl
AdankwoOne born on fourth day.Girl
AdaobiThe first daughter in the family compound.Girl
AdaolisaGod's daughter.Girl
AdaomaA good and virtuous lady.Girl
AdaoraDaughter of allGirl
AdaugoBeautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle.Girl
AdaureDaughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State.Girl
AdebamgbeA Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me.Boy
AdebiyiThe royal one.Boy
AdebowaleReturn of the crown; refers to a child born after many years of waitingBoy
AdedayoThe crown has turned to joy.Boy
AdefolakeYour wealth supports us.Girl
AderiyikeThe pampered crown.Girl
AfamefunaMy name will not be lost.Boy
AgbarhaBorn in AgbarhaBoy
AhunnaOne with the body of her father.Girl
AhwinahwiA really black or dark individualBoy
AkachukwuThe hand of God.Boy
AkinYoruban - Brave, Heroic ; Hebrew - ManBoy
AkpenvwoghenePraise GodUnisex
AkpobomeMy own lifeUnisex
AkpofureLife is now peacefulBoy
AkporovwovwoGood life in later yearsUnisex
AkuadaA girl born into a wealthy family.Girl
AkunnaFather's wealth.Boy
AmaechiWho knows tomorrow?Boy
AmandiTrust no one, one who doesn't trust anyone easily.Boy
AmobiWho knows the heart of man?Boy
AnaborhiThe one who is born with good destinyUnisex
AnozieWe are now settled or well positioned.Boy
AnwilichukwuGod' s joy.Girl
AnwuliJoy, a joyous and happy girl.Girl
AnwulichukwuJoy of the lord.Girl
AnwulikaMy joy is great or joy is greater.Girl
ApunanwuA precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun.Girl
ArettaA charming and enchanting woman.Girl
ArinzechukwuThanks be to God.Boy
AruegodoreWe have come homeBoy
AsaroyomaComfort zonesGirl
AtaikiruTalk or plan before taking actionBoy
AvwunudiogbaThose who profess strength with mere talkUnisex
AzubuikeStrength gained from experiences of the past.Boy
BakoA Nigerian term meaning guest.Boy
BanjokoDon't ever leave me.Boy
BenjaminSon Of The Right HandBoy
BinyelumStay with me.Girl
BolanileThe wealth of this house.Girl
BunkechukwuThe one who belongs to God.Boy
ChetachiOne who always remembers God.Boy
ChetachukwuOne who always remembers God.Boy
ChiagozieGod has blessed me.Girl
ChiasokaGod is too sweet.Girl
ChiazokamGod has saved me well.Girl
ChibaramezeGod has made me a king.Girl
ChibinobimGod dwells in my heart.Girl
ChibuikeGod is strength.Boy
ChibundoGod is my shelterGirl
ChibunduGod is lifeBoy
ChibunnaGod is my fatherBoy
ChibuoguGod is my strength.Girl
ChibuzorGod first or God leadsBoy
ChichimaA sweet and precious girl.Girl
ChidiadiThere is GodBoy
ChidiebereGod is mercifulBoy
ChidiebubeGod is glorious and great.Boy
ChidozieMay God fix it and make it good for me.Boy
ChiekezieGod has made it good for me.Boy
ChiemekaGod has done well.Boy
ChiemelieGod has won.Boy
ChiemezieGod has made it good for me.Boy
ChikanmaGod is better than any other thing.Boy
ChikezieMay God appease.Boy
ChimankpaGod know my wants.Boy
ChimaobiGod knows the heart.Boy
ChimezieLet God do it.Boy
ChinakaGod decides or God schedules.Boy
ChinaraReceived by GodGirl
ChinecheremGod thinks and worries on my behalf.Boy
ChinechezirimGod thinks good of me.Girl
ChisimdiGod says I shall live.Girl
ChukThe Supreme divine; the one beyond everythingBoy
ChukwudumagaGod leads me.Boy
ChukwuemerieGod has won.Boy
ChukwumaGod knows, God knows better than anyone.Boy
ChuwudubemLead me, oh God.Boy
DaberechiLean on God, one who is dependent on God.Girl
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