290 Nordic Baby Names With Meanings

If you or your spouse has Scandinavian or Viking blood running through your veins, you might want to consider one of the many beautiful Nordic names for your child. Nordic baby names, just like the language, are exquisite, romantic, and flowing. These names are steeped in the history and mythology of Scandinavia.

In ancient times, Nordic countries had to follow the patronymic naming system, which lasted for generations. Eventually, Scandinavia abandoned the patronymic naming system and decreed the use of a family name that would be handed down the generation.

Today, the government has set rules for the naming system and conventions. The Nordic law gives a list of pre-approved names and parents have to select from it. This prevents parents from choosing strange names for their children.

The Nordic naming system is similar to Europe, in general. One common feature is the influence of Christianity on the names and the second is the impact of monarchies. Since the Nordic people originated as a North Germanic tribe, most of their first names are of Germanic origin. Some names are also Celtic due to the fighting and co-mingling among these two groups for centuries. The names are usually derived from places, history, and nature. Below is MomJunction's compilation of Nordic baby names along with their meanings.

AlithA noble sortGirl
AlmetaA pearlGirl
AnnaliesaThe one who is graced with God's bountyGirl
AnnelisseCombination of Anne and Liese; the gracious, loving oneGirl
AnnemariGod is gracious one and he has answered the prayersGirl
AssarYounger form of AnswarBoy
AudunA person who is a friend of wealthBoy
BeadohildA battle fightGirl
DalmarThe one who is very versatileBoy
EllikaOne who cannot be defeatedGirl
GislaGisla means Pledge, Hostage.Girl
GisliGisli means Ray of SunshineBoy
GisllicaGisllica means The Rays of SunchineGirl
GitteThe name Gitte means To HelpGirl
GittyGitty means High, MightyGirl
GjertrudThe name means The Strenght of the SpearGirl
GudmundurIt is a modernized version of the old Nordic name Guðmundr. It means Gods protection or Protected by God, from the two words "gudr" which means god and "mund" which means protection.Boy
Gunbattle or fightGirl
GundaWar, Female warrior and FightGirl
GunelMother of kingsGirl
GunhildWar and Battle, derived from the words gunnr which means"war" and hildr means "battle".Girl
GunhildaGunhilda version of Gunhild and means Battle War.Girl
GunillaBattle Maid.Girl
GunnThe name Gunn originates from Old Nordic Mythology and an Old Nordic word "gunnr" which means War or Battle.Girl
GunnarFighter, Soldier and AttackerBoy
GunneGunne is a male name of Nordic origins. Comes from the old Nordic word "gunnr" which translates to War.Boy
GunnellThe Mother of the King or The Mother of the Ruler.Girl
GunnerBold Warrior or Battle StrongBoy
GunneuareWoman WarriorGirl
GunnhildWar and BattleGirl
GunnildBattle and WarGirl
GunnildaBattle and WarGirl
GunnildeBattle or War.Girl
GunnildesBattle or War.Girl
GunnillaBattle or War.Girl
GunniltBattle or War.Girl
GunnorWar Warrior. It is composed of two Old Nordic words: "gunnr" which means war and "arr" meaning warrior.Boy
GunnoraWary in BattleGirl
GunnoreWary in Battle. It is a variation of the name Gunnora.Girl
GunnotaWary, Cautious in Battle. It comes from an old name Gunnvor. It is a variation of the name Gunnora and Gunnore.Girl
GunnoteWary in Battle. It comes from the Old Nordic name Gunnvor. The name Gunnote is primary used in English language and has many variation such as Gunnote, Gunnora and Gunnore.Girl
GunoraOriginated from Old Nordic Gunvor, which means Battle, Fight, War.Girl
HagA wrinkled old woman, a kind of the goddess or fairy, wrinkled oldGirl
Hatithe name of a mythical wolf in Grímnismál, Golden (Hindi)Boy
HiljaSilence; Quiet; CalmGirl
JalmarWarrior with a helmetBoy
JankinGod is graciousBoy
JannA genieBoy
JannikLove of GodBoy
JannisNordic name meaning God's graceBoy
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