154 Nordic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AssarYounger form of AnswarBoy
AudunA person who is a friend of wealthBoy
DalmarThe one who is very versatileBoy
GisliGisli means Ray of SunshineBoy
GudmundurIt is a modernized version of the old Nordic name Guðmundr. It means Gods protection or Protected by God, from the two words "gudr" which means god and "mund" which means protection.Boy
GunnarFighter, Soldier and AttackerBoy
GunneGunne is a male name of Nordic origins. Comes from the old Nordic word "gunnr" which translates to War.Boy
GunnerBold Warrior or Battle StrongBoy
GunnorWar Warrior. It is composed of two Old Nordic words: "gunnr" which means war and "arr" meaning warrior.Boy
Hatithe name of a mythical wolf in Grímnismál, Golden (Hindi)Boy
JalmarWarrior with a helmetBoy
JankinGod is graciousBoy
JannA genieBoy
JannikLove of GodBoy
JannisNordic name meaning God's graceBoy
JarIron fieldBoy
JariA fight or a quarrelBoy
JarlA highborn, noblemanBoy
JarleA noble warriorBoy
JarmoUplifted by GodBoy
JarnoAssigned by GodBoy
JoarOld Nordic male name. Means The one with the Horse.Boy
JorikJorik means Wild BoarBoy
JornName Jorn means Vigilant WatchmanBoy
JorunThe name Jorun means LoveBoy
JorunnJorunn means The One Who Loves HorsesBoy
JorvikJorvik is a Viking name, means From the Bear EstateBoy
JuhaJuha name means Be MercifulBoy
JuhanaJuhana name means GraciousBoy
JuhoJuho means Be MercifulBoy
JunnaJunna is Boy name and means To Give RefugeBoy
JuusoJusso means God will addBoy
JyriJyri means earthworkerBoy
KaaproKaapro means Strong man of GodBoy
KaareKare name means Man of HeartBoy
KanutKanut means KnotBoy
KarlsonKarlson means Son of a Free ManBoy
KarlstenKarlsten means A Son of KarlBoy
KarrKarr means Swamp, From the MarshBoy
KarriKarri means PureBoy
KarstenKarsten means A Man of Christian FaithBoy
KelbiKelbi means Farm by the SpringBoy
KelceeThe name means BraveBoy
KellKell means From the SpringBoy
KelrenKelren means Clothes, WearingBoy
KelseyKelsey means He who is BraveBoy
KemonteKemonte means Island of the ShipsBoy
KerraKerr means SpearBoy
KetillKetill means kettle that is used to catch the blood of sacreficed animalsBoy
KirbieKirbie means From the VillageBoy
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