154 Nordic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

KirjahKirjah means Church, MonestaryBoy
KiteKite means The One who Cuts DownBoy
KjartanKjartan means the Humming soundBoy
KjellKjell means CettleBoy
KnutKnut means to tie a knotBoy
KnuteKnute means The knot is tiedBoy
KolKol means DarkBoy
KoljaKolja means Victor of the PeopleBoy
KonKon means Bold, ExperiencedBoy
KonstaKonsta means SteadfastBoy
KortKort means A Short personBoy
KristerKrister means Follower of JesusBoy
KwintenThe name means FifhtBoy
LambiOld Nordic name that means little doe, a lambBoy
LambinNordic name that means a Son of Thorbjorn and FeebleBoy
LamontMan of law, lawyerBoy
LanglifThe one who lives a long lifeBoy
LauNordic name from a place name, LaurentumBoy
LaurNordic name the word bayBoy
LauristNordic name meaning he who is from the bayBoy
LauritsHe who is from LaurentiumBoy
LeafNorse word for HeirBoy
LeeviOne who is attachedBoy
LeonardusNordic name meaning brave like a lionBoy
LiffildThe one who lives, a person who existsBoy
LifrisA mighty way of existing and livingBoy
LindNorse name for Lime tree, linden treeBoy
LippoThe one who loves horsesBoy
LokeFrom name Loki, Norse trickster GodBoy
LokiNordic God Loki, the tricksterBoy
LottMan who is freeBoy
LotteMan who has his freedomBoy
LovThe one who vowsBoy
LovisA famous warriorBoy
LuddeHe who is famous in warBoy
LudolfThe one who has great love for wolvesBoy
LudvikNordic variation of the name Ludvig meaning mighty famous warriorBoy
LuiA fighter of fameBoy
LydianHe who is from Lydia town in Asia MinorBoy
LyellA wolf from the islandBoy
MadsA gift of GodBoy
MatthijsNordic name for a gift from the LordBoy
MikolaThe victory or a win of the people.Boy
MikolajThe victory of the mankind.Boy
OdellThe one who is distressed or upsetUnisex
OdieThe superman among human being.Boy
OglesbyNot widely known, especially valued for its uncommonness, not widely distributedUnisex
OskaOne who is an out-door lover and likes natureBoy
OtsoA powerful and brave BearBoy
OttarA born fighter and is very powerfulBoy
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