154 Nordic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

PaveA person who stands permanentBoy
QuimbyFrom the woman's estateBoy
RadulfusA shield wolfBoy
RadulphA wolf conselBoy
RaedwulfA red wolfBoy
RagenhildA warrior in a strong armyBoy
RaggiNorse name meaning shagginessBoy
RagnarA strong armyBoy
RandinA beautiful advice giverBoy
RandulfNordic name meaning edge of the wolf's shieldBoy
RannOld Norse name meaning houseBoy
RasmusHe who is belovedBoy
RydenA horse riderBoy
SainNordic surnameBoy
SaloHe who brings luck and fortuneBoy
SalomoHe who brings peaceBoy
SammeHe who is a God's wishBoy
SaschaDefender of manBoy
SebaldA brave victoryBoy
SebbeA victorious oneBoy
SebbiA sea bearBoy
SelmerOne who finds happiness in fameBoy
SerloMan carrying armorBoy
TappenThe top of the hanging rockUnisex
TaraldPower of the thunderBoy
TellefDescendant of thunderBoy
TemA famous manBoy
TeobaldA bold manBoy
TerjeThor's spearBoy
TeyteA cheerful personBoy
ThorGod of thunderBoy
ThoraldFollower of ThorBoy
ThoralfA thunderBoy
ThorbertHe who is as glorious as ThorBoy
ThorbjornThunder bearBoy
ThordSon of a VikingBoy
ThorfinnStrenght of a thunderBoy
ThorgilsDescendant of thunderBoy
ThorinBrave as a thunderBoy
ThorleifDescendant of ThorBoy
ThormodSon of OddBoy
ThoroldHe who is under Thor's ruleBoy
ThorsenSon of ThorBoy
ThorsteinThor's stoneBoy
ThorstenStone of ThorBoy
ThorvaldThor;s rulerBoy
ThorvaldrA poweful thunderBoy
ThrythHe who is powerfulBoy
ThureHoly thunderBoy
ThurmanMen of thunderBoy
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