139 Nordic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AlithA noble sortGirl
AlmetaA pearlGirl
AnnaliesaThe one who is graced with God's bountyGirl
AnnelisseCombination of Anne and Liese; the gracious, loving oneGirl
AnnemariGod is gracious one and he has answered the prayersGirl
BeadohildA battle fightGirl
EllikaOne who cannot be defeatedGirl
GislaGisla means Pledge, Hostage.Girl
GisllicaGisllica means The Rays of SunchineGirl
GitteThe name Gitte means To HelpGirl
GittyGitty means High, MightyGirl
GjertrudThe name means The Strenght of the SpearGirl
Gunbattle or fightGirl
GundaWar, Female warrior and FightGirl
GunelMother of kingsGirl
GunhildWar and Battle, derived from the words gunnr which means"war" and hildr means "battle".Girl
GunhildaGunhilda version of Gunhild and means Battle War.Girl
GunillaBattle Maid.Girl
GunnThe name Gunn originates from Old Nordic Mythology and an Old Nordic word "gunnr" which means War or Battle.Girl
GunnellThe Mother of the King or The Mother of the Ruler.Girl
GunneuareWoman WarriorGirl
GunnhildWar and BattleGirl
GunnildBattle and WarGirl
GunnildaBattle and WarGirl
GunnildeBattle or War.Girl
GunnildesBattle or War.Girl
GunnillaBattle or War.Girl
GunniltBattle or War.Girl
GunnoraWary in BattleGirl
GunnoreWary in Battle. It is a variation of the name Gunnora.Girl
GunnotaWary, Cautious in Battle. It comes from an old name Gunnvor. It is a variation of the name Gunnora and Gunnore.Girl
GunnoteWary in Battle. It comes from the Old Nordic name Gunnvor. The name Gunnote is primary used in English language and has many variation such as Gunnote, Gunnora and Gunnore.Girl
GunoraOriginated from Old Nordic Gunvor, which means Battle, Fight, War.Girl
HagA wrinkled old woman, a kind of the goddess or fairy, wrinkled oldGirl
HiljaSilence; Quiet; CalmGirl
JorineThe name Jorine means BoarGirl
JuhetaJuheta name means Be MercifulGirl
JuniJuni is a Scandinavian name meaning YoungGirl
JuskaThe name Juska means "to give refuge"Girl
JuttaJutta is a Girl name meaning Land of The JuteGirl
KaariKaari menas Rare Excelance, Precious StoneGirl
KajaKaja name means in Old Nordic Chicken, In Estonian Echo and a Free man in GermanGirl
KarinKarin means PureGirl
KaritasKaritas means CharityGirl
KarlyKarly means WomanlyGirl
KarniKarni means My HornGirl
KarolineKaroline means JoyGirl
KarrianaKarriana means Of Pure HeartGirl
KarrieKarrie means The Pure OneGirl
KarriganKarrigan means She who is PureGirl
KatariinaThe name means Pure or Each of the TwoGirl
KatenThe name means Pure OneGirl
KathaKatha means True, RealGirl
KatlaThe name means Cauldron, HelmetGirl
KatrenaThe name means Clear, PureGirl
KatriKatri means PureGirl
KekiKeki means From the Ship's IslandGirl
KeldaKelda menas Spring, FountainGirl
KelsKels means Island, Beautiful Island, Shipping HarborGirl
KelsonKelson means From the Ship's IslandGirl
KelsyeThe name means Valiant, StrongGirl
KemmaKemma means Stronger than YouGirl
KervinThe name Kerttu means WarriorGirl
KierstenKiersten means Flower of GodGirl
KiiraKiira means Lord of the SunGirl
KikkanKikkan means Lord of the Manor, House OwnerGirl
KindleKindle means SpringGirl
KindraKindra means The Champion who is the GreatestGirl
KirsiKirsi means FrostGirl
KjellaugKjellaug means Coundron of the Holy OathGirl
KolkaKolka means Stain, SpotGirl
KortneeKortnee means Person with a Short NoseGirl
LailaLaila means NightGirl
LanglivaShe who has been gifted the long lifeGirl
LaurinaNordic name meaning bay treeGirl
LeeaWoman with healing powersGirl
LeofaNordic name meaning dear friendGirl
LifLife, To existGirl
LiiaMy god is a perfictionGirl
LiljaScandinavian name for flower lilyGirl
LillNordic short version for Elisabet, meaning God is my oathGirl
LisScandinavian name meaning God is my oathGirl
LisabetaNorse variation of name ElizabethGirl
LisbetNordic variation of the name ElizabethGirl
LiselottShe devoted herself to GodGirl
LisethNordic variation of the name Elizabeth meaning pledged to GodGirl
LivAn Old Norse word that means LifeGirl
LollieNordic name for sorrowGirl
LottaShort from Charlotte; free womanGirl
LottiLittle womanly personGirl
LouizaNordic name for warriorGirl
LovaSwedish for promise, vowGirl
LovisaA woman who is a famous warriorGirl
LynaeA small blue flowerGirl
LynnaeA lime or linden treeGirl
MadickenA pearlGirl
MadlenA town with a towerGirl
MajOne from the seaGirl
MalinOne from MagdalaGirl
MansOne who is greatGirl
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