32 Nordic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KaariKaari menas Rare Excelance, Precious StoneGirl
KajaKaja name means in Old Nordic Chicken, In Estonian Echo and a Free man in GermanGirl
KarinKarin means PureGirl
KaritasKaritas means CharityGirl
KarlyKarly means WomanlyGirl
KarniKarni means My HornGirl
KarolineKaroline means JoyGirl
KarrianaKarriana means Of Pure HeartGirl
KarrieKarrie means The Pure OneGirl
KarriganKarrigan means She who is PureGirl
KatariinaThe name means Pure or Each of the TwoGirl
KatenThe name means Pure OneGirl
KathaKatha means True, RealGirl
KatlaThe name means Cauldron, HelmetGirl
KatrenaThe name means Clear, PureGirl
KatriKatri means PureGirl
KekiKeki means From the Ship's IslandGirl
KeldaKelda menas Spring, FountainGirl
KelsKels means Island, Beautiful Island, Shipping HarborGirl
KelsonKelson means From the Ship's IslandGirl
KelsyeThe name means Valiant, StrongGirl
KemmaKemma means Stronger than YouGirl
KervinThe name Kerttu means WarriorGirl
KierstenKiersten means Flower of GodGirl
KiiraKiira means Lord of the SunGirl
KikkanKikkan means Lord of the Manor, House OwnerGirl
KindleKindle means SpringGirl
KindraKindra means The Champion who is the GreatestGirl
KirsiKirsi means FrostGirl
KjellaugKjellaug means Coundron of the Holy OathGirl
KolkaKolka means Stain, SpotGirl
KortneeKortnee means Person with a Short NoseGirl
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