199 Norman Baby Names With Meanings


Normandy is a geographical and cultural region in Europe. It shares some parts with the British Channel Islands, but its mainland with France. When you go through Norman baby names, you will find that they resemble French names to a great extent. This is primarily because of the influence of the French on the language (1). French was the common language of communication among the upper classes and nobility in England for nearly 200 years after the Norman conquest. Due to intermarriages and associations with the ruling class, many people of English origins believed that it was advantageous to learn a new, fashionable language. Soon enough, a social distinction, not ethnic, appeared between French speakers and those who spoke English. Such is the extent of the French influence that Norman surnames are written in a French pattern to this day. Still, Norman given names are kept as close as possible to their original forms. This is because parents nearly always wish to return to their roots to search for a meaningful baby name, regardless of how modern they are. More often than not, geography, language, and timing are considered when choosing Norman first names. Like most Europeans, Normans are very strict about given names. The first name should be clear and not cause any mistaken identities. The second or middle names are usually patronymics or place names. Norman names were at the height of their usage in 1924. So, your child would have a unique and distinctive moniker if you select a Norman baby name today. We even suggest you pick a traditional Norman first name and an Anglo-Norman middle name to balance it out. Check out our extensive collection of Norman baby names below. We have an excellent variety for parents to choose from.

heart image Aalis Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Alice; Noble
heart image Achard Baby Boy Sign Boy Medieval Norman form of Ekkehard. It means brave and hardy
heart image Adelade Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble kind; Of the noble sort
heart image Aimablle Baby Boy Sign Boy Lovable; Worthy of love
heart image Aleksandru Baby Boy Sign Boy Norman form of Alexander; Defending men
heart image Alison Baby Girl Sign Girl Of noble birth
heart image Amice Baby Girl Sign Girl Friend
heart image Ancel Baby Boy Sign Boy Fortunate; Blessed; Happy
heart image Anquetil Baby Boy Sign Boy Gods' or Aesir's cauldron
heart image Archambault Baby Boy Sign Boy Genuine; Bold; Brave
heart image Arlotto Baby Boy Sign Boy Vagabond; Tramp
heart image Athanasy Baby Boy Sign Boy Immortal
heart image Auber Baby Boy Sign Boy Aesir's bear
heart image Aumont Baby Boy Sign Boy Form of Ormond; One who is protected by God
heart image Azouf Baby Boy Sign Boy Aesir's wolf
heart image Bairon Baby Boy Sign Boy Young warrior; An aristocratic title similar to Duke or Earl
heart image Bate Baby Boy Sign Boy Norman diminutive of Bartholomew; Son of Talmai
heart image Beauford Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautiful fortress
heart image Bekkr Baby Boy Sign Boy Where the river narrows
heart image Berislav Baby Boy Sign Boy To take, to gather
heart image Blazh Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is sweet, pleasant and blessed
heart image Bogumir Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from the elements bogu which means God and meru, which means great
heart image Boguslav Baby Boy Sign Boy God's glory
heart image Borisu Baby Boy Sign Boy Snow leopard
heart image Borivoi Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle soldier
heart image Bozhena Baby Girl Sign Girl Divine
heart image Bozho Baby Boy Sign Boy A diminutive of Bozidar; Meaning divine
heart image Bratomil Baby Boy Sign Boy Gracious and dear brother
heart image Bratoslav Baby Boy Sign Boy Glorious brother
heart image Bronislav Baby Boy Sign Boy Glorious protector
heart image Brynjolf Baby Boy Sign Boy Hardened
heart image Burdo Baby Boy Sign Boy Boy from the castle
heart image Burnie Baby Boy Sign Boy Brenno's settlement
heart image Burnouf Baby Boy Sign Boy Hardened
heart image Calvin Baby Boy Sign Boy Bald
heart image Cantrell Baby Boy Sign Boy Small bell
heart image Chedomir Baby Boy Sign Boy Peaceful child
heart image Chestibor Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle honor
heart image Chestirad Baby Boy Sign Boy Honor; Happy; Willing
heart image Chestislav Baby Boy Sign Boy Honor; Glory
heart image Costello Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Oisdealbhaigh
heart image Daniel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image Daubeney Baby Boy Sign Boy Albinius' place
heart image Delaney Baby Boy Sign Boy The progeny of dark challenger
heart image Dicun Baby Boy Sign Boy A diminutive of Richard; Powerful ruler
heart image Didacus Baby Boy Sign Boy Saint
heart image Diot Baby Girl Sign Girl Follower of Dionysius
heart image Dmitrei Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth mother
heart image Dobrogost Baby Boy Sign Boy Good guest
heart image Dragoslava Baby Girl Sign Girl Precious glory
heart image Drazhan Baby Boy Sign Boy Precious
heart image Edelmire Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Edith Baby Girl Sign Girl Prosperous in war
heart image Edward Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is like a rich guard
heart image Elby Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle elf
heart image Enguerrand Baby Boy Sign Boy Raven
heart image Ephrasie Baby Girl Sign Girl Good cheer
heart image Eric Baby Boy Sign Boy Eternal ruler
heart image Ermo Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Ernouf Baby Boy Sign Boy Wolf eagle
heart image Etheldred Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble strength
heart image Fionne Baby Boy Sign Boy A white or fair person
heart image Fionnghuala Baby Boy Sign Boy A fair-shouldered individual
heart image Fionntan Baby Boy Sign Boy White-inferno or white-bull; Legendarily; The sole survivor of Great Flood
heart image Firagh Baby Girl Sign Girl Pleasure and Happiness
heart image Fleurine Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower
heart image Flieur Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower
heart image Garbutt Baby Boy Sign Boy Spear; Messenger
heart image Garsea Baby Boy Sign Boy Bear
heart image Geoffroi Baby Boy Sign Boy Peaceful pledge
heart image Gidie Baby Boy Sign Boy Medieval French form of Aegidius; Young goat
heart image Gosse Baby Boy Sign Boy Goth
heart image Gostislav Baby Boy Sign Boy Glorious guest
heart image Grigorii Baby Boy Sign Boy Watchful; Alert
heart image Guiscard Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave; Hardy
heart image Harou Baby Boy Sign Boy The army's wolf
heart image Hastain Baby Boy Sign Boy High stone
heart image Hersent Baby Boy Sign Boy Aggressive; Business nature
heart image Herta Baby Girl Sign Girl Derived from Nerthus, the Norse goddess of fertility
heart image Hopkin Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright; Fame
heart image Houlegate Baby Boy Sign Boy Hollow path
heart image Hudde Baby Boy Sign Boy Heart; Mind; Spirit
heart image Ibb Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble strength
heart image Ingouf Baby Boy Sign Boy God Ing's wolf; Warrior
heart image Iseut Baby Girl Sign Girl Iron battle
heart image Jackin Baby Boy Sign Boy Man
heart image Jacob Baby Boy Sign Boy May God protect; Holder of the heel; Supplanter
heart image Jeanneton Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Jeulie Baby Girl Sign Girl Form of Julie; Youthful
heart image John Baby Boy Sign Boy God is merciful and gracious
heart image Josse Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord
heart image Jouaie Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy
heart image Joyce Baby Girl Sign Girl Lord; Rejoice
heart image Judith Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman from Judea; Jewess; Jewish woman; Praised
heart image Kate Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Clear
heart image Kresimir Baby Boy Sign Boy The name comes from Slavic elements kresu, which means spark, light, rouse and miru, which means peace, world.
heart image Kyrilu Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord.
heart image Lacey Baby Girl Sign Girl From Lassy
heart image Lonore Baby Girl Sign Girl Shining light
heart image Lorencio Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Lawrence; From Laurentum
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This list of Norman baby names contains a variety of culturally significant titles. From long to short and from trendy to traditional, the index has every kind of opinion that you could want. Norman names have a timeless charm and an elegant sound. We suggest you study your chosen names' meanings in detail before deciding on one. Nothing beats the value of a carefully selected option because it truly reflects your aspirations for your child.

Infographic: Spectacular Norman Baby Names

Norman baby names are classic yet stylish and elegant. They reflect French influence on the culture, with their roots going back to the 10th century. These names convey many positive meanings and are ideal for your baby girl or boy. Look at the infographic below, and feel free to select an option.

Ethnic Norman Names For Your Newborn (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of the name Baldwin, a common Norman name?

The Norman name Baldwin means ‘brave, bold friend.’ It was a very popular name among Normans during the early middle ages.

2. What are common Norman names?

Some popular Norman names are William, Robert, Henry, Matilda, Adelaide, Ida, Rosalind, and Alice.

3.What is the significance of the name Richard in Norman culture?

The name Richard is essential in Norman culture and has a long history. It came from Old Germanic roots and was brought to England by the Normans. Many important Norman nobles had the name Richard, like Richard the Lionheart, a famous king known for his strong military skills and leadership. The name Richard means strength, power, and nobility, showing how special it is in Norman culture.


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  1. French influence.
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