199 Norman Baby Names With Meanings

How do you think of a world without names? Everything would be chaotic, right? Because the name is the unseen identity of a person. And no matter how advanced and modern we become, we’d always go back to our roots in searching for a meaningful baby name.

Norman baby names resemble French baby names to a great extent, largely because of the influence of French on the language. Even the surnames are written in the French form. Still, the names are kept as close as possible to the original name. More often than not, geography, language and time period are taken into consideration.

Just like most of the Europeans, even the Normans are very strict about the names. The first name should be clear and devoid of any mistaken identities. The second names are usually patronymics or place names.

Norman names were at the height of their usage in 1924. So it will make a unique and distinctive option if you select Norman baby names today. We’d suggest you pick a traditional Norman first name and an Anglo-Norman middle name to balance it.  Check out Momjunction’s collection of Norman baby names below. We have both first and middle names, along with a lot more.

LouiseuFamous warriorGirl
LouveFemale wolfGirl
LovellaLove, profound affectionGirl
LyudmilFavorite of the peopleBoy
MacyHill, one who comes from the hillsGirl
MalloryThe one who has no luckGirl
MechislavSword gloryBoy
MilesOne who is proud of being a soldierBoy
MilivojGracious soldierBoy
MilodragHe who is dear and preciousBoy
MilogostGracious and dear guestBoy
MiloshGracious, dearBoy
MirchePeace, worldBoy
MolleA form of Mary, meaning bitter.Girl
MundzukJewel, beadBoy
MylesSoldier or dear oneBoy
NinoslavThe name is derived from a Slavic elements, nyni which means "now", combined with slava, which translates to "glory".Boy
NoraThe person who is possessing righteousness and brightness.Girl
OliverThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.Boy
OsoufGod's wolf or warrior. It's a variant of Ozouf.Boy
OzoufGod's wolf, warriorBoy
PetruccioA form of Peter. It means stone.Boy
PhilmenOne who belongs to the family of PhilipGirl
PremislavTrick, stratagemBoy
PremyslTrick, stratagemBoy
PridborFirst in battleBoy
RagnulfAdviser wolf, warriorBoy
RatimirPeaceful war or battleBoy
RenoufAdviser wolfBoy
RobertGermanic - Bright famous one; Famously Famous;Boy
RoelandFamous landBoy
RothrockThe weak oneBoy
RotiaNorman form of Roger, meaning famous spear.Boy
RoulFamous wolfBoy
RouselLittle red oneBoy
RugerFamous spearBoy
SamoDiminutive of Samuel, meaning told by God.Boy
SansSaintly, holyBoy
SenceSaintly, holyGirl
SobeslavGlory for oneselfBoy
StaceShort form of Eustace, meaning productive or fruitful.Boy
StureTo be contraryBoy
SunnifaSun giftGirl
SvetopolkBlessed peopleBoy
SvetoslavBlessed gloryBoy
TalbotMessenger of destructionBoy
ThorgardThe one who is under Thor's protection.Boy
ThorgislThor's hostageBoy
ThouroudePowerful by ThorBoy
TikhomirQuiet and peaceful worldBoy
TirelTo pullBoy
TollemacheRinging of bellsBoy
TomislavaTorturous glory.Girl
TougardA spelling variant of Thorgard. The one who is under Thor's protection.Boy
ToutainThor's stoneBoy
TurgisThor's hostageBoy
UnfridThe one who gives peace.Boy
VarangeBottom of a boatBoy
VarangerNickname for sailorBoy
VarangotDerivative of Varange. It means bottom of a boat.Boy
VastStranger or guestBoy
VeceslavMore gloryBoy
VecheslavA variant of Veceslav, meaning more glory.Boy
VenceslausMore gloryBoy
VernonLand of alder treesBoy
VitomirLord of the peaceful world.Boy
VladimeruGreat or famous rulerBoy
VlastimirRuler of the peaceful world.Boy
VoitsekhVoitsekh is obtained from the Slavic words voji "soldier" and tekha "solace, comfort.Boy
VolodimeruA form of Vladimir, meaning great or famous ruler.Boy
VolodislavuGlorious ruler.Boy
VratislavTo return gloryBoy
VsevolodAll ruleBoy
WarburtonFrom the fortress town.Boy
WilkinResolute protectorBoy
WilkyShort form of Wilkin.Boy
WilliamWill or Desire to ProtectBoy
WilmotNorman form of William. It means resolute protector.Boy
WischardHe who is wise, brave and hardy.Boy
WybertHe who is bright in battle.Boy
WymondBattle protectorBoy
WyotHe who is wise, brave and hardy.Boy
YarognevHe who is fierce, energetic and full of anger.Boy
YaropolkThe name is derived from Slavic elements yaru, meaning "fierce, energetic" and pulku, meaning "people, host".Boy
YngoufGod's warriorBoy
ZabethPledged to God.Girl
ZbignevTo dispel angerBoy
ZhelimirTo wish for peaceBoy
ZuanGod is graciousBoy
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