193 Norse Baby Boy Names With Meanings

HeidrunA goat who supplies mead to the GodsBoy
HildebeorhtOne whose light shines bright in the battleBoy
HildeburhHe is a light in the battleBoy
HoderName of Odin's blind son.Boy
HoenirName of Odin's brother.Boy
HolmsteinThe one who supported Flosi.Boy
HordName of Ashjom's father.Boy
HoskuldName of Thorstein's son.Boy
HrappName of Hrodgeir's father.Boy
HreidmarA dwarf king.Boy
HroaldBrother of Eyvind Weapon.Boy
HrolleifOld wolfBoy
HromundSon of Thori.Boy
HrosskelSon of Thorstein.Boy
HuginOne who is thoughtfulBoy
HunbogiSon of AlfBoy
IllugiName of Aslak's son.Boy
ImName of a mythical giant.Boy
IngemurA famous son.Boy
IngharrSon's army.Boy
InghramIng's raven.Boy
IngolfIng's wolf.Boy
IsleifName of Isrod's brother.Boy
IsolfSon of Hrani.Boy
IsrodName of Isleif's brother.Boy
MagnarA Mighty leader of the armyBoy
MagneA magnificent fighter and leaderBoy
MerowaldA king of rivers and forests, King of HerefordBoy
ModthrythIt is a short form of "Maria" or "Mary" formed in German language. A Virgin damsel.Boy
MoldePlural form of Mold which means a soil which is fertileBoy
OddPersian variant of an Arabic that means one who is chosen.Boy
OdenThe dearest of human being.Boy
OdinDaffodil yellow flowersBoy
OericAn eternal ruler, one and only, rules alwaysBoy
OhthereA true champion. One who is a champ or ahead of all.Boy
OlafMass of success, gathering of achievement.Boy
OlaffThe crowd who are experiencing the triumph.Boy
OlanVery long lasting, not easily destroyed.Boy
OlandaThe one who is accumulated wealth in the form of money or jewels.Boy
OlavAffectionate homegrown, sweet home.Boy
OlaveOrchad of shrub, the person who is capturing interest as if by a spell.Boy
OleA framework that supports climbing plants (Bower)Boy
OlefGod's dedications, God's kindnesses.Boy
OlenPrivate spectator, secret observer.Boy
OrmNona means the ninth one in the family.Boy
OrmarrSerpent ArmyBoy
OsbarnA God bear or a God warriorBoy
OsbornThe warrior of God.Boy
OsborneThe warrior of God's army, the spiritual bear.Boy
OsbournThe spiritual fighter of God's army.Boy
OsfrithA god of the godsBoy
OsgarNooraniyah softly bright or radiant.Boy
OsgarusGod who rule the worldBoy
OsgythThe beloved god of love and peaceBoy
OshernThe god of peace and loveBoy
OskarOne with the fastness of a divine spearBoy
OsmondA protectected human beingBoy
OveAncestors; one who is an EggBoy
PollerdA short-haired manBoy
RaudThe father of the wolvesBoy
RavenA name of the black birdUnisex
RikkyOne who is a complete leader and rulerUnisex
RoarA fighter of HeavenBoy
RoscoeA man who was born in the forest of deersBoy
RothwellA man who lives near to a red springBoy
RowenA red berried treeUnisex
RoydHe who lives in forest's clearingBoy
RunA secret character of loreBoy
SceldwaThe actual representator of kingshipBoy
TankredA well tought adviceBoy
TappenThe top of the hanging rockUnisex
TaraldPower of the thunderBoy
TidhildThe battle time, or the time of battleBoy
TorThe God of ThunderBoy
TorbjornThe bear of ThorBoy
TordThe Thunder GodBoy
TorfiThe turf, a layer of earth covered with grassBoy
TorgnyThe noise of the Thunder GodBoy
TorhildThe battle of thunder godBoy
TorhtsigeThe victory of thunder GodBoy
TormondThe courage of thunder GodBoy
TormundThe mind or thunder GodBoy
ToroldThe rule of thunder GodBoy
TorphinA male descendant of ThorBoy
TorvaldThe power of thunder GodBoy
TrigA trustworthy or a safe person, a true personBoy
Tronone who is growing, ascending, increasingBoy
TrymRefers to scream or shout.Boy
TuckAn experienced and passionate individualBoy
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