23 Norse Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter B

BakliName of Blaeng's son.Boy
BalderMeans ' prince' or brave warrior or 'Son of Odin'Boy
BaldrIt means to be bold and brave. It also symbolizes a prince or a lord.Boy
BaldurIt means prince. It is also the name of the Norse gor related to love and happiness.Boy
BalmungSiegfried's sword.Boy
BaugSon of Raud.Boy
BeiniName of a smith.Boy
BergthorThor's spiritBoy
BersiSon of bakli.Boy
BionbyrWarrior's estateBoy
BiornNorwegian word for bear.Boy
BiynOne who is strong.Boy
BjameNorwegian word for bear.Boy
BjolfName of lodmund's blood brother.Boy
BlesiA blessed manBoy
BodmodName of Oleif's son.Boy
BorgFrom the castle.Boy
BothiHerald or begin.Boy
BroderickTo be like a brother to someoneBoy
BrondolfName of Naddodd's son.Boy
BrunA man who is of brown hairBoy
BruniSon of Earl Harek.Boy
BuriOne who produces a sonBoy
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