125 Norse Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AegelmaerA little spruce tree, daughter of grass snakeGirl
AegileifDaughter of Hrolf Helgason.Girl
AelfdaneOne who earn or deserve elf powersGirl
AelfdeneFrom the valley of mystical powersGirl
AelffledOne who escaped from mystical powersGirl
AelfgeatA nymph from Gotland or GothiaGirl
AelfgiestA goat with mystical powersGirl
AelfgifuA gift of supernatural powersGirl
AelfgiueeA guide of mystical powersGirl
AelfgivaA mountain or hill of fairiesGirl
AelfgydA war of mystical powersGirl
AelfgythA body with supernatural powersGirl
AelfheahThe high mystical powersGirl
AelfhelmA mystical power from the shelter of animalsGirl
AelfhunA mystical favour from GodUnisex
AelfledaOne who is led by the supernatural powersGirl
AelfmaerA little mystical nymphGirl
AelfnothA mystical distress or needGirl
AelfsiOne who is like an elf, or like nymphGirl
AngerbodaA giant.Girl
AngerbothaOne who is giant.Girl
AnridWife of Ketil Fjorleifarson.Girl
AslaugOne who is solely devoted to GodGirl
AstredAn impulsive Girl with a divine strengthGirl
AstridA Girl who is divinely beautifulGirl
AsvorWife of Asrod.Girl
AsvoriaOne who is divinely prudent.Girl
AudhildaRich warrior woman.Girl
AudhumblaName of a giant cow that nursed Ymir.Girl
BergliotHelpful lightGirl
Bergljot"Safe light", from Old NorseGirl
BifrostThe bridge from earth to Asgard.Girl
BirgetA protecting woman.Girl
BodileA fighting woman.Girl
BodillaA variant of Bodile, meaning a fighting woman.Girl
BorghildaWife of Sigmund. A variant of Borghild.Girl
BrisingamenFreya's necklace.Girl
BrunnehildeThe armored and fighting woman.Girl
BryngerdThe mother of Tonguestein.Girl
BrynhildA fighter woman with an armorGirl
BrynhildeThe armored fighting woman.Girl
DaggiA maidGirl
DagrunA secret loreGirl
DallaDwelling in the meadowGirl
DalrFrom the valley.Girl
DeityA hidden person; growingGirl
DisaYounger form of Disa; a spirited individualGirl
DissOne who is spirited .Girl
DordiA gift from God.Girl
DorteGod's gift.Girl
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