309 Norse Baby Names With Meanings

Norse isn’t just about mythology, replete with gods, goddesses, and heroes. It also comes with a bevy of charming and beautiful names with historical and symbolic meanings.

Norse names are no longer restricted to Scandinavia. They spread all over the world, either through migration or invasion. The latest television series, on Rathnar Lothbrock, can also be credited for its popularity.

Norse baby names run a gamut from rough and tough names like Solveig and Dag to tender and delicate names like Liv and Elin. These names are either composed of compounds referring to gods or warfare or are inspired directly from nature or religion. As for the surname, every child is known by his father’s surname, followed by the suffix –dottir or son.

From the lands of Vikings, MomJunction presents you the best Norse baby names. You can check out the full list and shortlist your favorites for later viewing.

DallaDwelling in the meadowGirl
DalrFrom the valley.Girl
DanalGod has ruledBoy
DanbThe one from DenmarkBoy
DanhyThe one from Denmark.Boy
DarbiTown for deerBoy
DarrbeyA farmsteadBoy
DavynnAn intelligent fellowBoy
DeityA hidden person; growingGirl
DellingOne with a shining personalityBoy
DellingrShining or brilliant.Boy
DenbyOne who is from Danish settlementBoy
DikibyrOne from the Dike settlement.Boy
DisaYounger form of Disa; a spirited individualGirl
DissOne who is spirited .Girl
DordiA gift from God.Girl
DorteGod's gift.Girl
DuartrA rich guard.Boy
DurinA mythical dwarf; magical and enchantingBoy
DyreA valuable and dear oneBoy
EggtherGuardian for the giants.Boy
EgilOne who inspires frightBoy
EirName of the goddess of healing.Girl
EirikAn eternal ruler who is forever strong and braveUnisex
ElinLight coming out and is the most beautiful oneGirl
EllisifConsecrated to god.Girl
Elvisthis name means sage or elf or wise friend.Boy
Ericever or eternal ruler.Boy
EskeSpear of the gods.Boy
EvinrudeA swift boat.Boy
EyfrodThe one who was farmed at tongue.Boy
FasoltOne who is killed by FafnirBoy
FenrisName of a mythical monster.Boy
FinnbogiNorwegian term meaning merchant.Boy
FjallFrom the rough hill.Boy
FjorgynMother of ThorGirl
FlokiA heroic Viking.Boy
FlosiNorwegian term meaning chieftain.Boy
ForsetiName of Balder's son.Boy
FraenerA dwarf who transformed into a dragon or The symbol of greedBoy
FrekiName of Odin's wolf.Boy
FreyjaA name given to the lady of love, beauty and deathGirl
FreyrNorse God of weather.Boy
FriedaDarling and dearest.Girl
FriggaSprit of wedding, goddess of marriages.Girl
FrikkaA peaceful ruler.Girl
FrodeThe one who is very clever in his mind.Boy
FryeIndependent kernels or stones.Boy
FullNot empty, always to the topBoy
FullaEither fuller or a young horseGirl
GambleRefers to an elderly person.Boy
GandalfFairies or sprites.Boy
GangerA founder of Normandy.Boy
GarthThe keeper of the gardenBoy
GartherideOne who is the owner of a placeBoy
GarthriteOne who owns a place or enclosureBoy
GeirbjorgSister of Bersi, the godless.Girl
GerdaRefers to attachment or insertion.Girl
GerrieThe one who rules with mighty spear.Girl
GydaWarlike, aggressive in doing everythingGirl
HaldanaA woman who is Half Danish.Girl
HaldoraOne who is half spirited.Girl
HalldisA firm helperGirl
HallfridOne who is half beautiful.Girl
HallgerdOne who is half protected.Girl
HarOne who is highBoy
HaraldaAn army rulerGirl
HeidrunA goat who supplies mead to the GodsBoy
HeirithaA worthy womanGirl
HelaName of the goddess of the underworld.Girl
HildebeorhtOne whose light shines bright in the battleBoy
HildeburhHe is a light in the battleBoy
HildelidaA woman who fights in warGirl
HildelithA brave warrior womanGirl
HlifMother of Atli.Girl
HoderName of Odin's blind son.Boy
HoenirName of Odin's brother.Boy
HolmsteinThe one who supported Flosi.Boy
HordName of Ashjom's father.Boy
HoskuldName of Thorstein's son.Boy
HrappName of Hrodgeir's father.Boy
HreidmarA dwarf king.Boy
HroaldBrother of Eyvind Weapon.Boy
HrodnyMother of Hoskuld.Girl
HrolleifOld wolfBoy
HromundSon of Thori.Boy
HrosskelSon of Thorstein.Boy
HuginOne who is thoughtfulBoy
HunbogiSon of AlfBoy
HvergelmirThe home of Nidhug.Girl
HyndlaA giantGirl
HyrrokkinName of an ogre.Girl
IdonaNorse goddess of the apples of eternal youth.Girl
IdunaShe who is active in loveGirl
IdunnTo renew nature or active in love.Girl
IllugiName of Aslak's son.Boy
ImName of a mythical giant.Boy
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