185 Norwegian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Emilthis means a person who is lively and eager.Boy
JacobHebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; Derived from the Yaakov or Yakubel in HebrewBoy
LucasOne who gives lightBoy
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
OliverThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.Boy
OskarOne with the fastness of a divine spearBoy
PhillipA friend and lover of horsesBoy
WilliamWill or Desire to ProtectBoy
AesirOf the Gods.Boy
AevarName of Ketil's son.Boy
AlfarinName of Hlif's son.Boy
AlfgeirElfin's spearBoy
AlfriggName of a mythical dwarf.Boy
AlfrothulOf the sun.Boy
AmundA bridal gift.Boy
AndvaranautBrunhild's ringBoy
AndvariName of a mythical treasure guardian.Boy
AnnarFather of the world.Boy
AnsfridProtected by GodBoy
ArildWar Chief, Battle CommanderBoy
ArkynEternal king's son.Boy
ArmodName of Geirleif's blood brother.Boy
ArneotOne who frightens eagles.Boy
ArngeirThe eagle's spear.Boy
ArnlaugNorwegian word for eagle.Boy
ArosFrom the river's mouth.Boy
ArvaklName of a mythical horse.Boy
ArwedEagle of the woods; a clear minded and has a good judgementBoy
AsbiomA divine bear.Boy
AsgardName of city of the gods in Norse mythology.Boy
AsgautName of a mythical divine goth.Boy
AsgrimName of a thief; leadership abilityBoy
AskelA term used for divine cauldron.Boy
AslakA divine sport.Boy
BakliName of Blaeng's son.Boy
BalmungSiegfried's sword.Boy
BaugSon of Raud.Boy
BeiniName of a smith.Boy
BeorhtelHe who shines with a bright lightBoy
BerdonA Norwegian variant of Berton,BergtorBoy
BergthorThor's spiritBoy
BerrantOne who is like a strong bearBoy
BersiSon of bakli.Boy
BionbyrWarrior's estateBoy
BiornNorwegian word for bear.Boy
BiynOne who is strong.Boy
BjameNorwegian word for bear.Boy
BjolfName of lodmund's blood brother.Boy
BodmodName of Oleif's son.Boy
BorgFrom the castle.Boy
BorkOne who is killed by a gunnarBoy
BorreHe who is a great helpBoy
BothiHerald or begin.Boy
BragiOne who is considered as the God of PoetryBoy
BranderA fiery or sharp swordBoy
BrokkName of a mythical dwarf.Boy
BrondolfName of Naddodd's son.Boy
BruniSon of Earl Harek.Boy
BuggaA man of powerBoy
BuggeA powerful manBoy
CnuteNorwegian word for knot.Boy
DanbThe one from DenmarkBoy
DanhyThe one from Denmark.Boy
DellingrShining or brilliant.Boy
DikibyrOne from the Dike settlement.Boy
DuartrA rich guard.Boy
EggtherGuardian for the giants.Boy
Eielone who is born to inspire frightBoy
EigilThe one who inspires fright in the hearts.Boy
EisteinA boy who is lucky and fortunate.Boy
EitriName of a mythical dwarf.Boy
EivindHappy warrior; one who brings peaceBoy
EldgrimThe one who was killed by Hrut Hejolfsson.Boy
EliasOne who believes Yahweh is the LordBoy
EnarA fighter.Boy
Erecalways mighty.Boy
Erichruler of the people.Boy
Ericka word which means someone who rules the people.Boy
Ericksonson of Erik; son of ruler.Boy
Ericosomeone who rules the people of a land.Boy
Ericsonson of a ruler named Erik.Boy
Erika ruler of the world.Boy
Eriksonson or Erik; ruler of the people.Boy
Erixisland ruler or eternal ruler.Boy
Erkenbaudan ancient king of Northumberland.Boy
Erlingheir of clanchief.Boy
ErpName of Meldun's son.Boy
Eryksomeone who is a ruler for eternity.Boy
EsbernA divine bear.Boy
EsbjornBear of the gods.Boy
EskeSpear of the gods.Boy
Eskilgod or divinity.Boy
Esteneastern town or island.Boy
Evertona Norwegian word meaning wild boar.Boy
EvinrudeA swift boat.Boy
EyfrodThe one who was farmed at tongue.Boy
EyjolfThe one who was killed by Kari.Boy
EyvindThe winner of the iselandsBoy
FafnerName of a dragon in Norse mythology.Boy
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