327 Norwegian Baby Names With Meanings

So you want an unusual and distinctive name for the new member of your family? Then you might want to consider a Norwegian baby name. Norwegian names have historical associations and beautiful meanings, making them a perfect naming option.

The Norwegian baby-naming patterns have changed significantly throughout the centuries. Initially, a child could be given just one given name and no surname. A patronymic naming pattern existed, with names ending in suffixes such as –sson and -ssen for sons and -sdatter and -sdotter for daughters. Later, the double ‘s’ was dropped from male surname suffixes and the single ‘s’ was dropped from the female surname suffixes.

Around a hundred years ago, there was a custom of using combination names. Parents gave as many as five names to their children, which included names of parents, grandparents, relatives, and even ancestors.

When the Norwegians immigrated to America, they were not consistent in their use of surnames. So in 1923, a law was ordered in which each family could have a single, family name, which would be handed down the generations. While most of the families adopted a patronymic name, some even adopted occupational surnames, place surnames, or characteristic surnames.

From the world of Scandinavia, MomJunction brings you an exhaustive collection of Norwegian baby names with meanings.

SylveShe who holds the strenght of the SunGirl
TellefDescendant of thunderBoy
TeobaldA bold manBoy
ThorsenSon of ThorBoy
ThorsteinThor's stoneBoy
TirilThe alluring soundsBoy
TollakThe play or game of weapons by ThorBoy
ToneA new thunder or stormGirl
TorbenThe bear of the thunder GodBoy
TorbjorgThe help or protection by the thunder GodBoy
TorbjornThe bear of ThorBoy
TordisThe God who controls the thunderBoy
TorhildThe battle of thunder godBoy
TorildThe battle or war or ThorUnisex
TorillThunder God's battleUnisex
TorjusThe arrow or shaft or ThorBoy
TrondTo thrive and grow, always increasingBoy
Tryggrefers to protection or shelter or shield.Boy
TrygveA person who overcomes as a winner by his braveness.Boy
TurpinGod of thunder, rain and farming.Boy
TuvaA beautiful lady, charmingGirl
UnnShe who is lovedGirl
VibekeLittle womanGirl
VigdisThe battle goddess.Girl
WilliamWill or Desire to ProtectBoy
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