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Origin, meaning and history of Nova

The name has a favorable meaning for defining girls. Nova is believed to have a Latin origin, coming from the word ‘Novus,’ which means new. It is the short form of ‘Nova Stella’; nova means new, and Stella refers to the star.

According to terminological history, during the mid-19th century, the feminine name appeared among people to denote the sense of a newly discovered nebula. Furthermore, it is said that Scandinavian people believe that when a bright star suddenly appears in the sky and makes everything visible, it carries a sense of positivity. Thus, Nova is also considered an astronomical name. It offers the meaning of newness, youth, freshness, and at the same time, brightness. On the other hand, among Native Americans, the name is associated with the meaning ‘the one who chases butterflies.’

The name has worldwide popularity, especially across the European region. For example, it is the habitational name for Italian people living in the province of Milan. In distinct history, to be precise, in 1572, Tycho Brahe, the Danish astronomer, used the term ‘Nova’ for the first time while describing his cosmic theory.

The name is also similar to Neva, Noa, Noah, Nola, Nava, and others. However, it is even more interesting to discover that Nova’s variations in different countries differ by language. For example, in Finland, it is spelled Noova and Novalee in English, whereas Latin has a variety of its use, from Novvah to Novva.

Besides, the astronomical name also finds a place in the entertainment industry. In 2021, ‘Captain Nova’ was released, where Annek Pheifer beautifully played the lead character, Nova. Additionally, Nova was the female protagonist of the American science fiction movie ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ in 2017. Above all, the classic Marvel comic book ‘Nova (Frankie Raye)’ features the superwoman Nova herself. Hence, you may say that Nova has been a popular choice for naming baby girls for centuries.


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How To Pronounce Nova?


Famous People With The Name Nova

  • Nova Ren SumaAmerican author, awarded as New York Times best-selling author
  • Nova PerisAustralian hockey player famous for her achievement as the first indigenous gold medalist in Olympics from Australia
  • Nova PilbeamBritish actress, best known as a classic child actress
  • Nova RockafellerCanadian rapper and songwriter, popular for her songs Hey You, Did Your Best, and more
  • Nova MillerA Swedish singer mostly known for her pop releases, such as; The Passion

Nova On The Popularity Chart

Nova started becoming an amicable name among the people for their baby girls in the 1980s. The following graph will help you get a clarity about its popularity overtime.

Popularity Over Time

The name suddenly became popular, after a consistent low, among the parents from late 2010. Check out the graph to see the rise in its popularity.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Ever since the late 2010s, Nova as an in-demand household name is ranking higher, and currently is one of the top 32 names of baby girls. Have a look at the graph given below.

Source: Social Security Administration

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