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Origin, Meaning, And History of Odin

Odin, a vintage boy’s name, is the English version of the Old Norse name Odinn, which comes from the word odr meaning ‘ecstasy,’ ‘fury,’ or ‘frenzy.’ It can either stand for “god of frenzy” as represented in mythology or “poetic fury” derived from the meaning of odr.

Odin, which has a powerful connotation, also gets its name from the supreme Norse God of wisdom, art, culture, and law. In Norse mythology, Odin is depicted as the husband of the Goddess Frigg and is considered a prominent god throughout the history of Northern Europe and during the Viking Age. According to some Norse sources, Odin is an enthroned ruler of Gods and holds an ancestral figure in several Old English texts. Odin is also believed to share its name with Wednesday, a day of the week in many Germanic languages  and English derived from the word Woden.

Odin is also the name of a city in Watonwan County, Minnesota, in the US. The city was named after the village of Odin, Illinois, in the US, and was incorporated in 1902.

The name Odin has been brought to the British Isles during the Viking Age and has been popularly used in English-speaking countries since then. Odin can be alternatively spelled as Odinn, Oden, Odenn, Odyn, Odon, Odonn, and Odynn with cool nicknames like Ode, Ody, Odi, Odey, and O.

Odin was a popular name in the Middle Ages and in Viking culture before it debuted in the US and became one of the most popular names in the country. However, not many fictional characters have been named Odin in popular culture. Odin is a lightning-elemental mechanical warrior appearing in the online game series “Final Fantasy.” Odin is another fictional character appearing in the American fantasy-drama television series “Charmed” where Odin is the most powerful member of the Elders. Although a conservative, he is a highly respected member of the council.


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How To Pronounce Odin?


Odin On The Popularity Chart

The name Odin has a timeless appeal and has been popular in recent years. Check out the graphical representation below to assess its popularity trend.

Popularity Over Time

Odin rose from 1999 in the popularity chart and continued to get more popular as the years progressed. It reached its peak popularity in 2019 with 1010 babies per million named Odin in that year.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Odin suffered fluctuations in ranking till 2002 after which it declined in ranking for a few years. After 2007, Odin has seen a consistent growth in ranking over the next 15 years.

Source: Social Security Administration

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