38 Old French Baby Names With Meanings

We feel that French have a Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to gold, or super stylish due to their chic influence. Even the classic French names bowl us over. And MomJunction is not talking about the chic and trendy latest French names. We’re referring to the Old French names.

Old French was the Gallo-Romance dialect continuum, which was spoken from the 9th to the 14th century. Collectively, it was known as Langues d'oïl. The most common names of this time are associated with saints and religious figures. Hyphenated names, were and are still are very popular with the French. These names are composed of two names from the same gender. And the diminutive suffixes, -et or –ot are added to the boys’ names and –otte or –ette are added to the girls’ names.

While most of the Old French names have been simplified with the phonetic spellings, we feel that original Old French names have an element of originality with a stylish twist.

Below is our collection of Old French baby names sorted by gender, meaning, and origin. Browse through the list and pick the one which you feel will suit your family.

AlysonAdaptable, adventurous being who are noble and honest seeking freedomGirl
AvalynName of a sweet singing birdGirl
BooneA good person who is blessedBoy
ChaceA strong huntsmanBoy
ChalmersA servantBoy
ChanelPipeline or a ductGirl
ChannonWolf's babies; the wise oneBoy
ChanntelleMelody; a songGirl
ChaseA fearless hunterBoy
DarrellA good and steady workerBoy
EllenoreA foreign individual; versatile and creativeGirl
EllisonSalvation; one who is the Son of ElderBoy
Emmelynthe entire universe in symbolized by this name.Girl
Evalyna feminized name which means life or to live.Girl
FitzroyEssentially means "the son of the Roy" or "the son of the King"Boy
FlannerryA person with fiery red hairBoy
FlanneryRefers to a person with red-colored locksGirl
FlaviaLiterally means "Blond"; Comes from the Latin word 'flavus' meaning 'golden and blonde'Girl
FoyleA person who resides beside a pit or hollowUnisex
FranceneA person hailing from FranceGirl
FrazeA strawberry; Variant of the older word 'Fraise'Boy
FrazerDerived from French word 'Fraise' meaning strawberriesBoy
FrazierA derivative from the word 'Fraise' it means a strawberryBoy
FrenchA free individual belonging to France; wild horseUnisex
HastyA spear or arrowBoy
JoselynMeaning of the female name Joselyn is God will addGirl
JoslynMeaning of the name is One who belongs to the Gauts tribeGirl
LedgerSurname derived from the German name Luitger and composed of people and spear.Boy
LyleOne from the islandBoy
MaisonOccupational name, stoneworker; French word for homeBoy
MavisEnglish - Resembling a small birdBoy
MaysonOccupational name, stoneworkerBoy
MelvinThe noble Lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature.Boy
PerceOld French - One who pierces the valley; hard steel; Old Greek - Rock, Stone; Form of the name PercivalBoy
SpencerDispenser of provisionsUnisex
TalonEagle's clawsBoy
TerrellThunder rulerUnisex
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