89 Old Norse Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AdalstiennNoble stone.Boy
AdalwardThe noble guardian.Boy
AgeOld Norse - Representatives of Ancestors; Derivative of AageBoy
AkeOld Norse - Representatives of Ancestors; A Derivative from name AageBoy
AnsgarOld Norse - God Spear; Gentle Friend; A variant name of OscarBoy
ArickOld Norse - Ever Ruling, Island Ruler; Germanic - Powerful RulerBoy
ArikHebrew - Lion of God; Latin - Ram; Greek - Excellent PurposeBoy
ArlanGaelic - A Pledge; Old Norse - Foreigner, Stranger; A variant of name ArienBoy
ArrickGermanic - Powerful Ruler; Old Norse - Ever Ruling; Lone Ruler; Island Ruler; A variant of AricBoy
ArvieEnglish - Friend of the People; Old Norse - Eagle Tree; A variant of name ArvidBoy
AsatrusFaith in the God; and is also true to GodBoy
AsbjornOld Norse - Divine BearBoy
BaldurOne who comes from IcelandBoy
BirkirBirch treeBoy
BirtingrA smart, capable and illustrious man.Boy
BjarkiA small bearBoy
BorjeOld Norse - From the fortified Hill or Castle; A variant of the name BorgBoy
DagbjartDaylight, bright dayBoy
DagbjarturDaylight or bright day.Boy
DyriDeer in Icelandic language.Boy
EysteinnThe stone island.Boy
EyvindurLucky warrior.Boy
FinnurOne from Finland.Boy
FramSomeone who is forward, outward and braveBoy
FrayIt refers to the foremost person; LordBoy
FreiIt means the Lord or Master; a free manBoy
FreoIt refers to a Lord or Master; a noblemanBoy
FridgeirPeace spearBoy
FridmarBrilliant or shining peaceBoy
GilsOld Norse - Father of Hedin; A variant form of Gisle and Gisli; Small goat; Son of the bishop's servant;Boy
GlibHair of GodBoy
GreiprA man of great strength.Boy
GuentherThaey have good qualities of leadership and organization.They feel happy to serve and others.Boy
GustavsStaff of the Geats or Goths or gods.Boy
HagenA chosen son or descendent; High; A derivative from HakonBoy
HakoHighest number in the raceBoy
HaldenOld Norse - Half Dane; English - From DenmarkBoy
HaldisTeutonic - Spirit of Stone; Old Norse - Firm HelperUnisex
HaldorOld Norse - Rock; Thor; God of Thunder; Derived from word HallrBoy
HalldenOld Norse - Half Dane; English - From Denmark; A variant of name HaldenBoy
HaraldurLeader of an army.Boy
HaukrHawk in the Icelandic language.Boy
HawkOld Norse - Falcon; Bird of PreyBoy
HealfdeneHalf DaneBoy
HelgeOld Norse - Holy; Blessed; Derived from Helgi and HeilagrBoy
HinrikA form of Henry. It means estate ruler.Boy
HjalmarOld Norse - Warrior Helmet; Helmeted warrior;Boy
HjalteYounger form of Hjalti meaning man from HjaltlandBoy
HlynurDerived from Old Norse word Hlynr meaning Maple treeBoy
HoytOld Norse - Descended of Mind or Spirit; A variant of HoitBoy
HreinnA reindeer in Icelandic language.Boy
IgorA man protected by God.Boy
IvorBow of the warrior.Boy
JerkOld Norse - Ever Ruling; Island Ruler; Ever Ruler; A variant of EricBoy
JerkerOld Norse - Ever Ruling; Island Ruler; Ever Ruler; A variant of EricBoy
KalfrYoung cow in Icelandic language.Boy
KlepprA large stone.Boy
KolliOne who is bald.Boy
KolskeggrOne who has a black beard.Boy
LeifA descendant, a person who is going to inheritBoy
LeifrA variant of Leifur, meaning heir.Boy
LeifurHeir or successor.Boy
LyallA Scottish surname derived from the Old Norse given name Liulfr which means wolfBoy
MikkaelIcelandic version of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
OdanOld Norse - Fury; Inspiration; To blow; Owner; Proprietor; A variant is OdinBoy
RaghnallOld Norse - Well advised Ruler; Wise and Powerful; An Irish variant transcription of the name ReynoldBoy
RalfsA variant of Ralph. It means wolf counsel.Boy
RaudThe father of the wolvesBoy
RefrA fox in Icelandic language.Boy
ReinaldoGermanic - Well-advised ruler; A variant of the name ReynoldBoy
RenaldoGermanic - Well-advised ruler; A variant of the name ReynoldBoy
SakkiThe God remembers allBoy
ShericaOne who rules them allBoy
SvarturThe color blackBoy
TraustiOne who is dependable.Boy
UggiFear of something, phobia, fearBoy
UlfhrafnA combination of the words wolf and raven.Boy
VagnA carriage in Icelandic language.Boy
ValdimarRuler of the ocean.Boy
VigharthurOne who is fearless in war.Boy
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