123 Old Norse Baby Boy Names With Meanings


This post about Old Norse boy names lists beautiful names with their meanings and origins. However, before we get to the names, let's look at the background of the Old Norse and the Vikings. Old Norse, a North Germanic language used by the Vikings and their ancestors, significantly impacted modern Scandinavian languages. At the beginning of the Viking Age, two varieties of Old Norse were used, namely East Old Norse and West Old Norse. While the former was the language of Denmark, Sweden, and the Norse Baltic region, the latter was the native language of Norway and the Atlantic Islands, which included the Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland, the Faroes, Iceland, and Greenland (1). Traditionally, Old Norse given names were composed of a prefix and a suffix. These names typically drew inspiration from Norse gods and goddesses. However, many were derived from natural elements like plants, animals, landscapes, and even weather conditions. Traits and characteristics, virtues, and religious associations are other sources from where Old Norse given names originated. As practiced in many cultures today, Old Norse names were also used through generations to establish a connection with one's lineage. On the other hand, certain names were developed based on the individuals' rank, position, or social status. Arick, for instance, means 'the ruler of an island, Haraldur, translates to 'leader of the army,' and Hinrik, means 'estate ruler.' If you find these names attractive and want to explore more options, scan the list below. These names provide insight into the Old Norse culture, traditions, and beliefs. They are a perfect pick for those looking for names that evoke a sense of connection between the divine and mythical world.

heart image Adalstienn Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble stone
heart image Adalward Baby Boy Sign Boy The noble guardian
heart image Age Baby Boy Sign Boy Chaste; Edge; Blade
heart image Agnar Baby Boy Sign Boy Sharp; Edge of a sword; Ruler with a sword
heart image Ake Baby Boy Sign Boy Representatives of ancestors; A derivative of Aage
heart image Ansgar Baby Boy Sign Boy God spear; Gentle friend; A variant name of Oscar
heart image Arick Baby Boy Sign Boy Ever-ruling, Island ruler; Powerful ruler
heart image Arik Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion of God
heart image Arlan Baby Boy Sign Boy Pledge; Oath
heart image Armann Baby Boy Sign Boy Messenger
heart image Arrick Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful ruler; Ever ruling; Lone ruler; Island ruler; A variant of Aric
heart image Arvie Baby Boy Sign Boy Friend of the people; Eagle tree; A variant of the name Arvid
heart image Asatrus Baby Boy Sign Boy Faith in God; True to God
heart image Asbjorn Baby Boy Sign Boy Divine Bear
heart image Asger Baby Boy Sign Boy Spear of god
heart image Birgir Baby Boy Sign Boy Mountain
heart image Birkir Baby Boy Sign Boy Birch tree
heart image Birtingr Baby Boy Sign Boy A smart, capable and illustrious man
heart image Bjarki Baby Boy Sign Boy A small bear
heart image Bjartur Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright
heart image Borje Baby Boy Sign Boy Old Norse - From the fortified Hill or Castle; A variant of the name Borg
heart image Brandr Baby Boy Sign Boy Sword
heart image Dagbjart Baby Boy Sign Boy Daylight; Bright day
heart image Dagbjartur Baby Boy Sign Boy Daylight; Bright day
heart image Dyri Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer in the Icelandic language
heart image Elf Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A small human being-like mythical creature from folklore
heart image Eysteinn Baby Boy Sign Boy The stone island
heart image Eyvindur Baby Boy Sign Boy Lucky warrior
heart image Finnur Baby Boy Sign Boy One from Finland
heart image Fram Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is forward, outward and brave
heart image Fray Baby Boy Sign Boy The foremost person; Lord
heart image Frei Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord; Master; Free man
heart image Freo Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord or master; A nobleman
heart image Fridgeir Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace spear
heart image Fridmar Baby Boy Sign Boy Brilliant or shining peace
heart image Gertha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Protected or strength in battle
heart image Gils Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of Hedin; A variant form of Gisle and Gisli; Small goat; Son of the bishop's servant
heart image Glib Baby Boy Sign Boy Hair of God
heart image Greipr Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of great strength
heart image Guenther Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle; Warrior
heart image Gustavs Baby Boy Sign Boy The staff of the geats or goths or Gods
heart image Hagen Baby Boy Sign Boy A chosen son or descendent; High; A derivative from Hakon
heart image Hako Baby Boy Sign Boy Highest number in the race
heart image Halden Baby Boy Sign Boy Half Dane; From Denmark
heart image Haldis Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Spirit of stone; Firm helper
heart image Haldor Baby Boy Sign Boy Rock; Thor; God of thunder; Derived from word Hallr
heart image Hallden Baby Boy Sign Boy Half Dane; From Denmark; A variant of the name Halden
heart image Haraldur Baby Boy Sign Boy Leader of an army
heart image Haukr Baby Boy Sign Boy Hawk
heart image Hawk Baby Boy Sign Boy Falcon; Bird of prey
heart image Healfdene Baby Boy Sign Boy Half Dane
heart image Helge Baby Boy Sign Boy Holy; Blessed; Derived from Helgi and Heilagr
heart image Hinrik Baby Boy Sign Boy Estate ruler
heart image Hjalmar Baby Boy Sign Boy Helmeted warrior
heart image Hjalte Baby Boy Sign Boy Man from Hjaltland
heart image Hlynur Baby Boy Sign Boy Maple tree
heart image Hoyt Baby Boy Sign Boy Descended of mind or spirit; A variant of Hoit
heart image Hrafn Baby Boy Sign Boy Raven
heart image Hreinn Baby Boy Sign Boy A reindeer
heart image Hulk Baby Boy Sign Boy A large, powerful, or clumsy person or thing
heart image Iceland Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Country of ice and cold weather
heart image Igor Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior; Army
heart image Iorek Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle; Mighty; Distinguished; Ruler
heart image Island Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A piece of land surrounded by water
heart image Ivar Baby Boy Sign Boy Bow warrior; Archer
heart image Ivor Baby Boy Sign Boy Bow of the warrior
heart image Jerk Baby Boy Sign Boy Ever-ruling; Variant of Eric
heart image Jerker Baby Boy Sign Boy Island ruler; Variant of Eric
heart image Jordis Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Sword woman; Woman of the Earth
heart image Kalfr Baby Boy Sign Boy Young cow in Icelandic
heart image Keldan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Spring; Well
heart image Kleppr Baby Boy Sign Boy A large stone
heart image Kolli Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is bald
heart image Kolskeggr Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has a black beard
heart image Kron Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A person from Kron
heart image Lagatha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong warrior woman
heart image Leif Baby Boy Sign Boy A descendant; Dearly beloved
heart image Leifr Baby Boy Sign Boy Heir; A variant of Leifur
heart image Leifur Baby Boy Sign Boy Heir; Successor.
heart image Lyall Baby Boy Sign Boy Wolf
heart image Mikkael Baby Boy Sign Boy Icelandic version of Michael, meaning who is like God?
heart image Narfi Baby Boy Sign Boy Thin
heart image Norian Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong; Courageous; Adventurous
heart image Odan Baby Boy Sign Boy Fury; Inspiration; To blow; Owner; Proprietor
heart image Raghnall Baby Boy Sign Boy Well advised ruler; Wise and powerful; An Irish variant of Reynold
heart image Ragnor Baby Boy Sign Boy Judgement warrior; Counsel
heart image Ralfs Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Ralph; Wolf counsel
heart image Raud Baby Boy Sign Boy The father of the wolves
heart image Refr Baby Boy Sign Boy A fox
heart image Reinaldo Baby Boy Sign Boy Well-advised ruler; A variant of Reynold
heart image Renaldo Baby Boy Sign Boy Well-advised ruler; A variant of the name Reynold
heart image Rhaegar Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Visionary; Enigmatic
heart image Sakki Baby Boy Sign Boy The God remembers all
heart image Sherica Baby Boy Sign Boy One who rules them all
heart image Siggy Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Protection through victory
heart image Skeggr Baby Boy Sign Boy Thin
heart image Ski Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Cloud
heart image Skyrim Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A fictional Northern region in the Elder Scrolls video game series
heart image Solvi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Sun strength
heart image Sorren Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Bright; Sun-like; Stern
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Old Norse boy names have a rich cultural history and are frequently associated with the Viking age. These names often mirror the traditions, beliefs, and values of Norse people. The list above compiles a vibrant collection of these names with deep meanings and prominent symbolisms. Several of them are inspired by the warriors, monarchs, and brave people who played significant roles in the history of the Nordic culture. Hence, they serve as a great means to honor and celebrate the Nordic spirit.

Infographic: Classic Old Norse Boy Names

The Nordic Region is expansive, consisting of seven European countries and two autonomous regions. Nordic names have a distinctive sound and often refer to Norse mythology and history. In the following infographic, we have compiled a list of names from the Nordic countries to help you choose the right name for your little son. You can even save this infographic for future reference and share it with your friends and family.

timeless old norse names for your baby boy (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Old Norse baby boy names that have a strong historical significance and mythological origins?

Loki is a popular boy name in Norse mythology, meaning ‘lock,’ and is the name of a trickster god of shape-shifting and magic. Thor is another name that makes a strong appearance in Norse mythology and is popular in Vikings. The God of storms, thunder, war, and strength bore the name and means ‘thunder (2).’

2. What Old Norse baby boy names have been popularized in modern times?

Popular names in modern times include Arne meaning ‘eagle,’ Erik, meaning ‘absolute ruler,’ Frode meaning ‘wise, clever, and learned,’ and Ivar meaning ‘archer,’ which have been heavily influenced by the TV series Vikings and the Old Norse mythology.

3. What were the naming conventions for Old Norse baby boys?

Naming conventions like naming after a relative, naming for a God, patronymics, and adding different alliterations and variations to the name are prevalent in Old Norse and Vikings. It's important to note that there are variations and regional differences in Old Norse naming practices, and some names may have evolved. Additionally, the modern understanding and interpretation of Old Norse names may differ from their historical usage.


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