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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Orin

The name Orin is a boy’s name of Irish and Hebrew origin. The Irish meaning of the name Orin is ‘fair or ‘pale.’ The name is also sometimes used as a variant of Oren, which means ‘pine tree’ in Hebrew. This tall shrub is embellished with lovely pine sprouts and needles that are a deep green color. These magnificent trees symbolize strength and wisdom in Native American civilizations. Oren, along with Ram, Bunah, Ozem, and Ahijah, is listed in the Book of Chronicles as one of Jerahmeel’s sons.

The name Orin has a long history, dating back to ancient Ireland and Hebrew culture. It has been used as a given name for boys for centuries, although it has never been a particularly popular name. It first appeared in the United States in the early 19th century and has remained a relatively uncommon name.

The common variations of the name Orin include Ore (Old Greek), Oren (Celtic, Hebrew, and Old Greek), Oran (English and Irish), Orrin (Irish and English), Orran (English and Irish). The other variants of the name are Orren (Hebrew, Old Greek, and English), Oryn (Old Greek), Odran (Irish), Odrán (Old Irish), Odharnait (Irish), and Odarnat (Old Irish). The feminine forms of this name Orin are Ornat and Orna.

The nicknames for the name Orin include Ori, Rin, Inny, Orrie, Rinny, Oren, Ory, and Orry.

The name Orin has been quite popular in the fiction world. Orin Incandenza is a character in the 1996 novel Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Orrin Sackett is featured in several western, short, and historical novels. Orrin Pike is a character in the CBS television sitcom Petticoat Junction, which was aired in the 1960s. Orin Hanner Jr. and Sr. are characters from the American action film Fire Down Below. Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe is the protagonist in the children’s fantasy film The Flight of Dragons. Orin is the title character of an American animated space opera film Starchaser: The Legend of Orin.


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How To Pronounce Orin?


Famous People With The Name Orin

  • Orrin Cromwell EvansAfrican-American journalist and comic book publisher who published “All-Negro Comics”
  • Orin Samuel KerrAmerican law professor of law at the UC Berkeley School of Law, is known as a scholar in computer crime law and internet surveillance
  • Orrin KeepnewsAmerican jazz writer and record producer, known for founding Riverside Records and Milestone Records
  • Robert Orrin TuckerAmerican bandleader, well-known for his 1939 hit “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!”
  • Orrin H. Ingram IIAn American heir, businessman, and philanthropist, CEO of Ingram Industries

Orin On The Popularity Chart

The popularity and ranking of the name Orin can be seen from the graphical representation given below.

Popularity Over Time

The name Orin has seen a slight increase in usage in recent years. It peaked in 2017 with 97 babies per million having it.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Orin has gained wider recognition in recent years. The ranking has improved slightly in the last decade. However, it has been an uncommon name.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Orin

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