53 Oriya Baby Boy Names With Meanings

HaihayaThe Horse,Name of a race and a kingBoy
IleshLord of the earthBoy
Jigneshan intllectual Boy who is always curious for everything and want to discover whole world.Boy
PravalA fierce and strong individualBoy
PriyabrataA devoted pleaserBoy
PriyaranjanA dearly beloved individualBoy
PyaremohanLord Krishna's nameBoy
SaadarRespectful, respectedBoy
SaadhinWork or achievementBoy
SaagarikBelonging to the ocean.Boy
SubratahA man devoted to doing the right thingBoy
TaalishLord of earthBoy
TakshinWood cutterBoy
TanipThe sunBoy
UchadevOne of the names of Lord Vishnu.Boy
UdaiTo rise, the risingBoy
UdandaNemesis of evils and vices.Boy
UdantThe correct messageBoy
UdarathiOne of the names of Lord Vishnu.Boy
UdarchisA name of Lord Shiva.Boy
UdayachalThe eastern horizon.Boy
VaalakyName of one of the Kauravas.Boy
VaathavegaName of one of the Kauravas.Boy
VachasyaOne who is well spoken of, or celebratedBoy
VadivelOne of the names of Lord Murugan.Boy
VagadheekshaThe lord of spokesmenBoy
VaibudhBelonging to the Gods, divineBoy
WedantKnower of the Vedas, One who knows all the vedas.Boy
YaajaOne of the names of Lord Shiva.Boy
YaamirThe moonBoy
YaamyaOne of the names of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.Boy
YaatieshLord of devoteesBoy
YadabYadab is the Oriya version of Yadav. It's one of the names of Lord Krishna and means descendent of Yadu.Boy
YadhavA variation of Yadav, meaning descendant of Yadu.Boy
YadhavanOne of the names of Lord Krishna, meaning descendant of Yadu.Boy
YadhuName of an ancient Indian king.Boy
YadnyaThe holy fireBoy
YagnakayaOne who accepts all the sacred and sacrificial offerings.Boy
YajatOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
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