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Origin, Meaning and History of Owen

The history of the name Owen dates back to the medieval period in Wales, where it was popular among the Welsh-speaking population. The name Owain was derived from the Latin Eugenius, meaning “well-born” or “of noble birth.”

Over time, the name has undergone various spelling variations, including Owen, Owens, and Ewan. Some popular variations also include Eoghan (Irish), Eoin (Irish), Owain (Welsh), Owan (English), Ewen (Scottish), Eugen (German), Eugene (English), Eogain (Irish), and Oving (English).

In the 11th century, the name Owen was first recorded in England, and it gradually became popular in Wales in the Middle Ages. Throughout history, the name Owen has been associated with several prominent figures. In Welsh mythology, Owain mab Urien is considered one of the greatest warriors of the Arthurian legend. He was known for his bravery, chivalry, and skills with a sword. In the Middle Ages, Owen Tudor was a Welsh nobleman who went on to marry Queen Catherine of Valois, the widow of King Henry V of England.

The name was later introduced to Ireland and Scotland, where it became popular among the Gaelic-speaking populations. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many people named Owen emigrated from Wales and Ireland to other parts of the world, which helped to spread the popularity of the name.

In fiction, the name Owen has been used for various memorable characters, such as Owen Lars from the “Star Wars” franchise is the uncle of Luke Skywalker. Owen Hunt from the television show “Grey’s Anatomy” is a charismatic and talented surgeon. Owen Grady from the “Jurassic World” film series is a former navy veteran and animal behaviorist who finds himself at the center of a dangerous adventure.

The name Owen has a rich and diverse history that spans centuries and continents. Whether as a historical figure, a fictional character, or a real-life person, the name Owen continues to be associated with qualities of strength, courage, and charm.


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A well born, young warrior; noble birth
 O..  Oh..  Ohm..  Om..  Oma..  Omi..  Omn..  Omy..  Ona..  Oan..  Oen..  Oha.. 

How To Pronounce Owen?


Famous People With The Name Owen

  • Owen WilsonAmerican actor
  • Owen DavisAmerican Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright
  • Owen WellsAmerican basketball player
  • Owen BenjaminAmerican comedian
  • Owen PallettCanadian composer
  • Owen K. GarriottNASA astronaut
  • Clive OwenEnglish actor

Owen On The Popularity Chart

The name Owen has been consistently popular in the English-speaking world over the past few decades. Check out the name’s popularity and rank over time in this graphic representation.

Popularity Over Time

The name Owen started rapidly rising in popularity at the beginning of the 21st century and has continued to do so. It reached peak popularity in 2016, with more than 10,000 babies per million being named Owen.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The rank of the name Owen has fluctuated throughout the years, but it has consistently been a top choice among new parents, especially in the United States of America. Have a look at the graph to better understand the name’s rank on the popularity chart through the decades.

Source: Social Security Administration

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