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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Paloma

Paloma originates from Latin and is derived from the word ‘palumbus,’ meaning ‘dove,’ which is a symbol of peace. The name has Spanish and Mexican roots, with the same meanings. In Christianity, the term is associated with the Holy Spirit because of the symbolic dove used in religious art and literature. Doves are also associated with the Greek mythology goddess of love, Aphrodite, and symbolize chastity, faith, and devotion in Christian scriptures.

Given its significance as a representation of purity, gentleness, and peace, the dove is particularly valuable to Catholics. The dove frequently appears in the Bible, starting with the bird that gave Noah the olive branch after the Great Flood. The Gospel of John in the New Testament records John the Baptist’s statement that he ‘bears witness’ to ‘the Spirit descend from heaven like a dove.’ On August 15, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates a feast day for the dove.

Paloma is a common name in Hungary, Spain, and Italy, with several variations, including Pilar, Palomina, Palomita, Palomé, and Loma. The name also has famous nicknames like Palo, Loma, Polly, Paulo, and Paula.

Paloma has appeared as a character in various works of fiction. For example, in the James Bond film ‘No Time to Die,’ a fictitious Cuban intelligence agent named Paloma works for the Central Intelligence Agency. The role is essayed by Ana De Armas, a Cuban-Spanish actress. In the French novel ‘The Elegance of the Hedgehog,’ by Muriel Barberry, Paloma Josse is one of the main characters, belonging to a wealthy family and living in the hotel where the other main character Renee Michel works as a concierge. She can see through the pretense that Renee puts up about not being very bright when she is actually a genius. Daphne Paloma Vasquez is the other twin on the American TV series ‘Switched At Birth,’ and Elaine uses the name Paloma in an episode of ‘Seinfeld.’


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Latin - Dove; Peaceful; Derived from Palumbus which means a symbol of peace
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Famous People With The Name Paloma

  • Paloma BloydAmerican actress and model, best known for playing the lead role in the romantic comedy ‘Perdona si te llamo Amor’
  • Paloma McLardyAmerican drummer, founded ‘the Slits’ toward the end of 1976
  • Paloma YoungAmerican designer recognized for repurposing ordinary objects, such as clothing from a thrift store, to create ‘tactile’ effects
  • Paloma BaezaBritish actress, played the leading role of Bathsheba Everdene in the film Far from the Madding Crowd
  • Paloma FaithBritish singer and actress, her second studio album, Fall to Grace, charted at number two on the UK Albums Chart
  • Paloma KwiatkowskiCanadian actress, best known for her role as Thalia Grace in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  • Paloma StoeckerBritish singer, best known for her debut album ‘From the Roots Up’

Paloma On The Popularity Chart

Paloma has gone through major fluctuations over the years. Check the graphs below to know more.

Popularity Over Time

The name was popular in 2009 and 2010. However, its popularity started declining after that. Check the graph to know how it has altered over the years.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

In the early 80s, Paloma saw a considerably low rank, which improved over the years. Check the graph to understand better.

Source: Social Security Administration

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